ENHANCE your contract, add more of what you need to build it your way.
Vodacom Enhance

Multi device finance

Get the next best thing. Enhance your contract for the price that works for you.


ENHANCE your plan with Vodacom's Multi Device Finance. 
Choose between flexible contract lengths like 24 or 36 months to build your plan your way.


ENHANCE your phone when you switch or upgrade to Vodacom. 
Trade-in your old, eligible smartphone for a new device of your choice.

Good as new

ENHANCE your current phone by getting a pre-owned phone that is as good as new.


ENHANCE your products with comprehensive device cover.

What is ENHANCE?

ENHANCE lets you get the most from your contract, add more of what you need and build your contract your way. It gives you control and flexibility to make sure you get more value every day.

Who is ENHANCE for?

For you, your family, for everyone who wants a digitally connected life.


Build your Smart Home with Enhance

Connect your smart home for family safety, security and device automation for a connected home.

Connect Home Internet

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Smart Home

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Connect your home with the next thing in fast reliable home connectivity whether you choose; Fibre, LTE or FWA.

Connect your devices

For all those with multiple SIM cards or devices, link all of them with an eSIM-enabled device. ENHANCE your life and stay connected with no hassles!

For all those who are always on the move, leave your phone behind when you activate your OneNumber eSIM on enabled wearables to get calls, updates, and ENHANCE your freedom of movement.

ENHANCE for seamless on-the-go connectivity, explore a world of convenience and possibilities.

Connect your devices

Smart Tech

Discover smart TV's and gaming consoles made for your digitally connected life.

For you and your family, get the Smart Tech you want. ENHANCE your plan with Vodacom's Smart Tech. Choose from a selection of trendy and customisable accessories like smart watches, headphones, gaming consoles and smart TV's that will seamlessly blend
 into your connected life.

Plus, take advantage of our comprehensive device cover and protect your valuable investments. ENHANCE with Smart Tech today!

Listen to music at home or on the move

Enhance your life with the right accessory for you and your family.

Track all the ways you move

Enhance your life with the right accessory for you and your family.