A Netflix Plan for any lifestyle

Netflix has four plans in South Africa - Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. The plan you choose will determine the video quality and the number of screens you can watch Netflix on at the same time. No matter what plan you choose, you will never see any ads, and can watch unlimited TV shows and movies, and play mobile games. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time.

For more information on plans & pricing, see here.

Download and watch later

Long commutes,  no internet where you are or simply want to make the most of a wifi connection? Netflix has your back! To watch TV shows and movies offline at any time, download them from the Netflix app on your mobile (Apple iOS or Android mobile devices) and computers or tablets running Windows 10.

Pay for Netflix with your Vodacom bill

Enjoy all your favourite shows. Watch exclusive original series and movies on Netflix now! Pay through us and get ready to be filled with a world of action, drama, & fun filled entertainment with award winning characters.

Simple way to pay Icon
Simple way to pay

You don't need a credit card to pay for your subscription services. Just add the cost to your Vodacom bill.

Secure transaction
Secure transaction

Your payment is safe and secure You'll receive a One-Time PIN (OTP) to verify your purchase.

How to add Netflix to your Vodacom Bill

Netflix Step-1_1200x1200
  • Netflix Step-1_1200x1200
    Step 1

    Select the "Get Netflix now" option. Vodacom customers will be redirected to the Netflix page, but if you are on Wi-Fi please enter your cellphone number and OTP to confirm

  • NetFlix Step-2_V3
    Step 2

    On the Netflix page agree to terms and conditions and continue to subscribe.


  • NetFlix Step 3_V3
    Step 3

    Select your Netflix Plan and create your Netflix account or sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

    Go to https://offers.vodafone.com/za, enter your cellphone number and select the Netflix offer on the Offers page. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your Netflix subscription.

    All Vodacom Contract and Top Up customers with an active Vodacom cellphone number, can add Netflix to their Vodacom account.

    Netflix is a pre-paid monthly service and will charge you every month on the date you signed up. Monthly charges are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle from your Vodacom account.

    If you know the email address you used to sign up for Netflix, visit netflix.com/LoginHelp to reset your password.

    If you don’t know the email address you used to sign up for Netflix, or believe you may have mistyped it, contact Netflix customer support.

    If you don’t know the email address you used to sign up for Netflix, or believe you may have mistyped it, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your Vodafone Offers (make sure you are signed out of Netflix).
    2. Follow the prompts to verify your identity.
    3. Select Netflix > Manage your subscription > Forgotten your user name or password?
    4. You will be directed to a sign in page with your email address auto-populated. You can sign in to your Netflix account from this page, and update your email address if necessary.

    Netflix is available on many internet-connected devices, such as smart TVs, computers, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets. For a full list, visit devices.netflix.com.

    You can watch Netflix on as many different compatible devices as you want.

    You can manage your Netflix account details at netflix.com/Account. For support or more information on Netflix features, visit help.netflix.com.

    To change your streaming plan, sign in to Netflix.com and visit your Account page. Then select Change Plan to view and select available plans.

    Visit help.netflix.com for assistance and contact option

    Terms and conditions apply

    Offers subject to change. Cancel anytime on www.netflix.com/za/. Netflix and related logos are trademarks of Netflix or its affiliates.