Say hello to friends and family worldwide from as little as 89c per minute

Call more than 95 countries directly from your cellphone,using International Calling or International Calling Plus.

If you make lots of calls to people overseas, you canupgrade from the standard International Calling service to International Calling Plus for just R5 per month. You’ll benefit from per-second billing and lower call rates!

To check if International Calling is active on your cellphone, dial *#331# 

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International Calling


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International Calling Plus

R5 per month

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Prepaid, Top Up and Contract

International Calling

It’s already activated for you

Call 082 135

 International Calling

International Calling Plus

Dial *135*89#

Dial *135*89#

International Calling Plus

Dial *135*89#


How to dial an international cellphone

Step 1: Enter the International Access code. You can use 00or+’.

Step 2: Enter the code of the country you would like to call. Find country code

Step 3: Enter the area code of the town or city.

Step 4: Enter the phone number of the person that you're calling.

ExampleThe area code for Manchester is (0)161, so you dial 00 44 161 xxx xxxx or +44161 xxx xxxx

International Calling Limit

To prevent fraudulent behaviour, we’ve capped the International Calling limit (for Contract customers only) at R10 000, and you won’t be allowed to make any more international calls once this limit is reached. To increase your International Calling limit, please call Customer Care on 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone..