VodaLend | Voucher Advance
No fees, no interest
and no hidden costs

An advance when you 
need it most


VodaLend | Voucher Advance No fees, no interest and no hidden costs

An advance when you 
need it most

VodaLend | Voucher Advance is a first-of-its kind in South Africa!

Now you can access an advance on a voucher without paying any fees or interests on the amount advanced.

Ranging from R15 and exclusively available through Vodacom platforms, the vouchers are designed to give you the ability to access a value based vouchers with the option to pay it off over a short period of time without the worry of any charges. 


Redeem Your Voucher

Get Voucher Advance 
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Download the latest version of the My Vodacom App from your app store to access Voucher Advance.


Here’s how it all works



•   MyVodacom App
•   VodaPay App



•   Select your voucher type
•   Select your value



•   Buy Now – Get a little extra on the Buy Now Vouchers
•   Advance  – Receive your voucher now and we'll debit your card on a date you choose



•   Redeem your voucher
•   Share your voucher

Qualification Criteria 

How to get started


Quick qualification check


To qualify, you need to be active on the Vodacom network for at least 6 months and have a track record of buying airtime or data bundles.

Payment terms


To maintain access to this service, you need to pay off the voucher advanced within 3, 7 or 14days. T&Cs Apply.

Where to find it


You can find your VodaLend | Voucher Advance, on the My Vodacom App and VodaPay app.

Zero service fees


There are no service fees, unless you don't pay within the agreed upon time frame you select. 



Everything you need to know…


1. What’s the difference between how VodaLend | Voucher Advance is available to prepaid/hybrid customers and to post-paid customers?

Voucher Advance is available as a “eat now pay later” only to prepaid and hybrid Vodacom customers. Prepaid/hybrid, as well as post-paid customers, can use the “Buy Now” option to purchase the voucher outright.

2. Who is eligible to get Voucher Advance?

Prepaid and hybrid customers who have been active on the Vodacom network for at least six months and have a proven track record of buying airtime or data bundles.

3. What is a prepaid/hybrid Vodacom customer?

This is a Vodacom customer who buys their airtime/data in advance.

4. Can post-paid customers qualify for Voucher Advance?

No, post-paid customers can only purchase vouchers to be used for buying at Nando’s and Hirsch’s.

5. What is a post-paid Vodacom customer?

This is a Vodacom airtime/data customer who has entered into a subscription agreement with Vodacom.

6. How are post-paid customers charged for Vouchers?

Post-paid customers may use their debit/ credit cards to purchase a voucher or use the card details stored on the My Vodacom App.

7. Why is Vodacom allowing people to buy things like fast food on credit?

Vodacom and VodaLend are very responsible about issuing advances. Only people who have been customers for six months can qualify for an advance, as they have proved that they are reliable and have a certain income with which to pay back the money.

8. Is it responsible to allow people to buy fast food on credit?

The Voucher Advance framework helps customers who may be excluded from accessing credit products through traditional banking markets, creating an opportunity to access small “bite-size” credit advance offerings in a responsible and controllable way.

9. Why does one person qualify for an Advance Voucher and another is declined?

This is because Vodacom is very careful to advance vouchers to those who can pay it back. Anyone who has been declined might not have been a customer for six months or their credit rating may not be right for this kind of loan.

10. How reliable is Vodacom’s credit vetting system for approving Vouchers?

A big data credit scoring AI tool enables Vodacom to uniquely credit score customers in a prudent and efficient manner.

11. How is a Voucher purchased?

Vouchers are purchased via the My Vodacom App - click on “Buy”, then on the “Vouchers” tab. Under Vouchers, there are two categories currently; Retail and Food, with multiple additional categories to be added over the course of the next few months.

12. How is a Voucher purchased for someone else?

Select voucher type and value, choose either: “Buy Now – Get a little extra on the Buy Now Vouchers”, or: “Advance – Receive your voucher now and we'll debit your card on a date you choose.”

13. If a prepaid/hybrid customer misses the debit order payment what is the fee for this?

The customer will get charged only after a 30 days period at a monthly charge of R5 (R25 voucher) and R10 (R50, R75 vouchers). The fees charged are in accordance with the NCA.

14. How does a prepaid/hybrid customer pay back the money for their advance voucher?

They pay this back within the chosen 3, 7, or 14 days selected by the customer, the customer's selected card would be debited on the chosen day.

15. The voucher SMS has been deleted. How can it be resent?

The customer can resend the voucher to themselves via the My Vodacom App.

16. What should a post-paid customer who has been debited for a voucher but not received it, do?

Contact an agent to verify the details on TOBi Assist:

¿ WhatsApp TOBi on 082 009 8624

¿ Send TOBi an SMS on 082 009 4975

¿ Talk to TOBi on the My Vodacom App

17. How many times can an Advance be taken up in the month?

Advance vouchers can be bought as often as needed if the outstanding Advance amount is repaid within the chosen time frame of 3, 7, or 14 days.

18. Can you get more than one Voucher advance on credit?

In order to limit risk exposure for the customer, the Voucher Advances vouchers are limited to one purchase at a time and additional advances can only be taken when the outstanding amount is paid in full.

19. Can vouchers be combined?

Prepaid and hybrid customers may only take one advance at a time. However, customers may purchase multiple vouchers using the “Buy Now” option. All vouchers for a specific vendor may be used in store to pay for a total basket of goods. For example: a customer takes a R50 advance and purchases 4x R50 vouchers on the “Buy Now” option. All five vouchers may be redeemed in store to cover the total purchase.

20. What is the current value of food vouchers available through Voucher Advance?

Food vouchers are available between R25 and R75.

21. What are the minimum and maximum amount a customer can qualify for?

Prepaid and hybrid customer can qualify for amounts ranging from R25 to R75

22. Are there advantages for post-paid customers when they buy a Voucher?

Post-paid customers benefit from the extra value stored within the voucher.  For example, if a customer buys a R50 voucher, they will receive R55 worth of value on the voucher itself.

23. What is the service fee on a Voucher, i.e. if the Voucher is R75 what will it cost altogether?

There is no service fee – it will cost R75 if it is paid upfront or paid back within the chosen, 3,7 or 14-day period.  Fees will be charged only after 30-days from the advance of the voucher if payment has not been made.

24. What are the charges if the Voucher is not paid for in time?

Customers who don't pay back the advance within 30 days will be charged a service fee of either R5 or R10 per month – depending on the value of the voucher.

25. How long is a Voucher valid for?

A Voucher is valid for up to three years from date of issue.

26. How many vendors are currently offered through Voucher Advance?

Vodacom currently has Nando's and Hirsch's as partner vendors. More partners will be announced soon.

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Read the Vodacom Payment Services (Pty) Ltd Privacy Notice here and PAIA Manual here.