What is PowerFlex?

Stay flexible with a month-to-month subscription that keeps you connected with 17GB or 22GB Anytime data, UNLIMITED minutes and UNLIMITED SMSs.

No contracts, no credit check. All you need is your credit card.

How does it work?

Pick your plan
Pick your plan

Simply choose your data amount. You'll get UNLIMITED voice and SMS regardless of your choice!

Pay monthly by credit card
Pay monthly by credit card

We'll charge your credit card each month. Any data you don't use will roll over to the next month.

Change or cancel at any time
Change or cancel at any time

Upsize, downsize or stop your plan on the My Vodacom App at any time.
No penalty fees!

Need a phone too?
Need a phone too?

Easily add a smartphone to your first month's bill when signing up.


Frequently asked questions

What is Vodacom’s PowerFlex?

Vodacom PowerFlex is an exclusive promotional offer available solely through our website, granting customers the flexibility to select their desired data package and enjoy unlimited voice calling and SMS Messaging. Vodacom PowerFlex puts the power in the hands of customers, enabling them to customize their plan to suit their individual needs at any time. To get started, customers must make an initial upfront payment during the online sign-up process using their credit card to cover the cost of the monthly bundle offer and any associated add-on fees.

What are the benefits of PowerFlex?
  • Unlimited Any Network Voice

  • Unlimited SMS's

  • Flexible Data Allocation

Each PowerFlex offer enables you to call or SMS whoever you want, whenever you want to, without worrying about your minutes or SMSs balance. It is the ultimate communication offer as it includes unlimited any network voice minutes and unlimited SMS's every month.  PowerFlex also enables you to have the flexibility of changing your offer to suit your changing needs with limited admin.

What happens once I have purchased my PowerFlex SIM Card via the Vodacom website?

RAM Couriers, our delivery partner, will contact you to deliver your SIM Card at the provided address. Please make sure you have your original identification document and proof of address handy to validate with the courier before they hand over your PowerFlex SIM card.

What PowerFlex bundles are available for me to purchase?
Data Allocation Voice Allocation SMS Allocation Monthly cost
17 GB Anytime Data  (valid for 60 days) Unlimited Any Network Minutes Unlimited SMS R449
22 GB Anytime Data (valid for 60 days) Unlimited Any Network Minutes Unlimited SMS R579


What happens if I deplete my PowerFlex bundles?

Should you deplete your PowerFlex bundles, you will be able to purchase other Vodacom data bundles hosted on a variety of channels within the 'Buy Data' menus on:

  1. USSD (*123#)

  2. MyVodacom App

  3. VodaPay

  4. Vodacom Retail Outlet

  5. Financial Institutions

  6. Vodacom Online (vodacom.co.za)