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For doctor's that rely on us to save lives.

Vodacom. South Africa's most reliable network.

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Independently certified by umlaut. Based on a benchmarking campaign from April 2023 to June 2023.

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Just Switch to the Leading Network of Firsts

We are a network of firsts because we are committed to getting #EveryoneConnected. This is what drives us to be first.

Our connections to friends and family keep us closer together, and since technology is ever-evolving, it makes the future of communication exciting yet unknown. At Vodacom, we'll help you make the most of the innovative things to come.

Switch to SA's Leading Network* because you're guaranteed uninterrupted connectivity, no matter where you are.

#ConnectingForGood #EveryoneConnected #ReadySA?

Switch to Vodacom for safe and secure online shopping

Switch to Vodacom
Get a new contract or buy a phone
Switch to Vodacom
Convenient 24/7 online shopping
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14 day returns policy
Switch to Vodacom
Buy data and airtime from your computer or phonee

Switching to Vodacom Prepaid is even easier

Switch to Vodacom
Get a Vodacom SIM

You need a Vodacom prepaid that has been RICA-registered to start the process.

Switch to Vodacom
SMS us your new SIM number

Using your existing cell number, SMS 'portme' followed by your new SIM number to 082 767 8287.

Switch to Vodacom
Confirm and activate

You will receive two SMSs. A confirmation SMS and an SMS with a porting date. Dial 136 one day after your port date to activate.

Switch to Vodacom long does it really take to switch?

Switching requests are processed on weekdays (except public holidays) between 19:30 and 23:30. When requesting to switch, you can ask to have it done on the same day or you can select a date no more than 30 days later. #JustSwitch

Switch to Vodacom

How do I keep my number when switching to Vodacom? 

We understand the importance of keeping your current cell phone number when switching to a new cellular provider. That's why we have made the process of transferring your number to Vodacom quick and easy. When you switch to Vodacom, you can keep your current number and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a Vodacom customer. All you have to do is let us know that you wish to port your existing number to our network and we will guide you through the process.