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Power Bonus

  1. Introduction

    • Power Bonus is a permanent Tariff for Prepaid Vodacom Customers

    • The following rates and unitisation apply: 

        Unitisation Peak (7am - 8pm) Off-Peak (8pm - 7am) SMS Data (out of bundle rate)
          VC* to VC VC to other networks VC to VC VC to other networks Peak Off Peak International  
      Price Plan 1/1 (per  second) R1.55 R1.55 R1.55 R1.55 R0.52 R0.52 R1.74



    • All Vodacom Power Bonus customers will earn Extra Airtime for every recharge (pin or pinless) they make whilst on the plan subject to the provisions made on terms, 3.1 through to 3.6 below.

  2. Eligibility 

    • The Power Bonus price plan is only available to Vodacom Prepaid customers through activation of  Prepaid simcards, Port in to the Vodacom network, or conversion from Post Paid to Prepaid. 

    • Activation of this price plan will take effect immediately on Sim activation, Port in to the Vodacom Network or Post-paid to Prepaid conversion.

  3. Data Refill

    • Customers on the Power Bonus price plans will be opted into the Data Refill service by default

    • Customers that free change into the Power Bonus price plans will also be opted into the Data Refill service by default

    • The Data Refill service auto allocates a 10MB data bundle charged at R3 valid for 3 days into the accounts of customers that are opted into the service on their behalf every time they deplete all their active data.

      For more details about the Data Refill service please follow the below link: https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/data-bundle-terms/data-refill-terms-and-conditions

  4. Extra Airtime rewards 

    • Customers will receive 100% of their recharge value back in Extra Airtime.

    • Extra Airtime will be subject to the following depletion rates

      • Local Any Network Any Time voice: R3.00 per minute (billed per second). 

      • Data (non-roaming): R3.00 per MB

      • Local ANAT SMS: R1.00 per SMS

    • The following call types cannot deplete from Extra airtime:

      1. Roaming calls

      2. International calls

      3. Premium rated calls & SMSs

      4. VAS calls

      5. Fax outdial

      6. Call Sponsor

      7. Video calls (off-net and on-net)

      8. Conference calls

      9. Directory enquiry calls

      10. Call forwarding

      11. Billed USSD

    • Extra Airtime cannot be used to purchase any Value Added Services (VASs). This includes the following:

      1. Once-off and recurring data/SMS/MMS/voice bundles

      2. WASP/Content and premium rated services

      3. BIS/BES

      4. Promotional bundles

      5. Airtime Transfer

      6. The allocation of promotional airtime cannot be used to repay Airtime Advance debt (including R1 service fee)

    • "Call sponsored" will be billed at Power Bonus out of bundle rate and will not deplete from Extra Airtime.

    • No Extra Airtime will be earned for Big Bonus voucher and the Passport voucher.

  5. Customers on the Power Bonus price plan will receive the Night Shift promotional benefit (when recharging with R12 or more). 

  6. When opting out of the price plan via Free Change, customer will forfeit the Extra Airtime benefit.

  7. The following order of consumption will apply on this price plan: Extra Airtime will deplete first, followed by purchased/promotional bundles, and then airtime billed at applicable Power Bonus out of bundle rates.

  8. No refunds will be allowed for any dropped calls due to Network congestion.

  9. The Power Bonus voice minutes will be subject to the following acceptable usage policy:

    • Free voice minutes may not be used as part of any bulk calling service for commercial or business purposes.

    • Least Cost Router (LCR) and associated services are not permitted to use this price plan. If the SIM card is used in a fixed location device to regularly make and receive calls to multiple numbers, the service will be suspended immediately, pending an investigation.

    • Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of suspected abuse or fraudulent usage, outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non-commercial use

  10. These terms and condition should be read in conjunction with the Prepaid Sim Terms and Conditions available at http://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/prepaid-sim-terms-and-conditions