Edcon Terms and Conditions

The discount voucher code may not be transferred by any means to anyone else. 
The discount voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including in-store discount promotions. 
The discount voucher cannot be: 

  1. used to pay an Edcon account;  

  2. exchanged for cash;  

  3. used to purchase cellular products (handsets and airtime); Laptops, Printers, Digital Devices or Gaming Consoles. 

  4. used to purchase gift cards; or  

  5. used to purchase 3rd party items such as electricity, DSTV subscriptions, event tickets or other similar items. 

The Reward voucher is valid until 31 July 2017 and may only be used once. 
Unused Reward vouchers will not be redeemable after the expiry date. 
Should the Reward voucher code be deleted or the customer's cellphone lost/stolen, neither Edcon nor Vodacom will be liable for any reimbursement of any nature. 
Applicable to Jet and Edgars stores