Choosing the best Apple deal

Step 1:

Device selection

When choosing your Apple Watch and iPhone deal, start by selecting the ideal iPhone 15 model: standard, Plus, Pro or Pro Max.  Also, consider the storage size that suits your needs. Decide on the watch case size and whether you need cellular and GPS capabilities or GPS-only functionality.

Step 2:

Contract or cash?

The 24-month contract remains the preferred option for those accustomed to the two-year phone upgrade cycle.  While the monthly cost is slightly higher, it stills offers an affordable path to acquiring a new iPhone.  On the other hand, the 36-month contract continues to be a popular choice, especially for individuals seeking the latest iPhone without breaking the bank.

Step 3:

Finding the perfect plan

We've built our RED plans with you in mind; designed to give you the freedom to choose minutes and data that suit your lifestyle, the best Apple device to meet your technology needs, plus more rewards and benefits.

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Find the right iPhone for you

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AirPods (3rd Gen)
AirPods (3rd Gen)

With Lightning Charging Case

R3999 once-off
Buy now
AirPods (2nd Gen)
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

With MagSafe Case (USB‑C)

R5599 once-off
Buy now
Apple Watch Ultra 2 GPS
Watch Ultra 2 GPS + Cellular

49mm Titanium Case

R18999 once-off
Buy now
Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular

45mm Aluminium Case with Sport Band

R13499 once-off
Buy now
Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular

41mm Aluminium Case with Sport Band

R12699 once-off
Buy now
Watch SE GPS + Cellular

44mm Aluminium Case with Sport Band

R8299 once-off
Buy now
Watch SE GPS + Cellular
Watch SE GPS + Cellular

40mm Aluminium Case with Sport Band

R7599 once-off
Buy now
MacBook Air 13" (M3 Chip)

10GB data with MiFi router

R1079 PM x 36
Buy now

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Apple MacBook Air with M3 Chip
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Speakers of the house.

With HomePod or HomePod mini, amplify all the listening experiences you love. And enjoy an effortlessly connected smart home - with Siri built in - that's private and secure.


    Yes, we do offer Apple smartwatches on contract. They are bundled with an iPhone device or a RED Flexi SIM deal for your convenience. Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase the Apple Watch outright, we also offer for a one-time purchase.

    Yes, with Vodacom OneNumber you have the capability to connect your devices to a master number by linking different SIM cards through embedded SIMs or eSIM. eSIM is a new technology being used by device manufacturers on both handsets as well as watches to allow the devices to connect to cellular networks without having to insert a traditional SIM card. The eSIM is a chip that is added to the existing electronic control unit [ECU] of the device, which contains an embedded Identification [eID], similar to existing SIM card integrated circuit card ID [ICCIDs] that identifies each unique eSIM and allows a cellular network to link it to the specific profile of a customer.

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