Connect your home with Vodacom 

  • Internet connectivity for your home
  • Affordable data bundles
  • Free Vodacom Cloud access
  • Connect up to 10 users securely
  • 21.6Mbps faster download speed

Get your home connected

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    Vodacom allows you to connect your home with internet for all your devices through a superfast router. 

    This is a prepaid Wi-Fi solution with prepaid data bundles to suit your needs, starting from 1 GB for those who use the internet for browsing and social media  and up to a 10GB bundle for those who like gaming, streaming and have multiple  devices.

    You also get FREE 5GB Vodafone Cloud access to save all your pictures and important documents.

    How does it work?

    Once you have your Wi-Fi router, all you need to do is plug the router into a wall socket, follow the easy online registration process and you will be able to connect up to 10 wireless devices in your home.

    Download the how to guide for more detail on how it works.

        Anyone can take up the  bundles,  to ensure a great experience enter your home address to check your coverage 

        Coverage map

          Why should I get home connectivity

          Value for money

          Affordable way to connect you and your family to the internet. Don’t forget you can recharge on your Vodacom At Home interface 

          Easy to use

          Just  plug  the device in and get surfing. You can register your details on the Vodacom At Home interface to  get data usage notifications

          Convenient for the family

          Everyone can be logged in at the same time and all your Wi-Fi devices can connect.

          How much does it cost?

           The price is determined by selecting one of the following recurring bundle options. Don’t forget that for a once off price of R699 the Huawei 8238 device is yours to keep. Once-off bundles are also available if needed  

          Bundle option Bundle Price (incl VAT) 
          1GB  R99
          3GB  R199
          5GB  R289
          10GB R539 

          Please note: 

          You will need to have airtime in your prepaid account ( the account linked to your Wi-Fi router) in order for the recurring bundle to be allocated.

            Purchase the offers online or visit your nearest Vodacom store, selected PEP Cell, Ackermans & Game stores

              Don’t forget your proof of address and copy of your Identity Document to RICA 


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