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This plan includes:
1GB Anytime
1GB Night Owl
25 mins Vodacom to Vodacom
100MB Social Ticket
Valid for 7 days


This plan includes:
2GB Anytime
2GB Night Owl
50 mins Vodacom to Vodacom
150MB Social Ticket
Valid for 14 days


This plan includes:
5GB Anytime
5GB Night Owl
100 mins - Vodacom to Vodacom
250MB Social Ticket
Valid for 30 days

How to access the offers

Nxt Lvl Western Cape
  • 01
    Register for NXT LVL

    Use the My Vodacom App or Dial *128#

  • 02
    Switch to the NXT LVL Price Plan

    Dial *128#

  • 03
    Go to Just4Your Town

    Dial *123*4#

Offers take up to 48 hrs to reflect for newly registered customers. 

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Our most frequently asked questions

    No, the offers are only available on USSD.

    Confirm that you are on the NXT LVL price plan. If you are not on the NXT LVL price plan then switch to the NXT LVL price plan.

    •Dial *128#
    •Select Other services (6)
    •Select Free Change (2)

    The NXT LVL offers may take up to 48 hours to reflect on *123*4# for newly registered NXT LVL customers on the tariff plan.

    The Just4 Your Town platform on *123*4# has numerous offers available. Keep selecting next until the NXT LVL offers are located.

    The offers are exclusively available to Western Cape NXT LVL customers.

    Terms and conditions apply