Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans with Integrated Wi-Fi

  1. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data price plans with integrated Wi-Fi, are only available as a post paid contract option only billable monthly. No Top Up options will be made available.

  2. A Vodacom username and password will be required to log into the AlwaysOn or WirelessG/ G-Connect hotspot in order to use the Wi-Fi bundle. A username and password can be aquired by registering on the Vodacom website, mobile site or by utilising the My Vodacom App with the cellular number that the Wi-Fi bundle has been alocated or is active on. Vodacom needs to be selected from the drop down list of service providers on the landing page, the username and password can then be used to log in. The username, which is a cellphone number, must be the cellphone number that the Wi-Fi bundle has been purchased and/or is active on. Wi-Fi bundles can only be used in the afore mentioned hotspots using a Wi-Fi capable device Note: this excludes 3G/LTE routers.

  3. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contracts are available as either a new contract or as an upgrade.

  4. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contracts are SIM only but deals including modems, routers and tablets will be made available via sales channels and Service Providers

  5. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contracts available via all service providers

  6. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contracts will have a term of 24 months and upgrade or renewal is possible in month 22 of the contract term.

  7. 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contract pricing includes VAT.

  8. Night Owl is included for the Vodacom Data bundle only. Night Owl double data Data does not get allocated to the Wi-Fi bundles.

  9. After the initial 24 months contract period, the contract will continue on a month-to-month basis until the contract is terminated, or the customer upgrades to another contract.

  10. Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time spent connected to either the Vodacom WAN (Wide Area Network) i.e. 3G/LTE, or Wi-Fi WAN (AlwaysOn or WirelessG hotspot)

  11. Customers with a 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contract will not be able to purchase Monthly Recurring Mobile Internet data bundles

  12. Customers with 24 month Mobile Broad Band data contracts will only be able to purchase Mobile Broad Band Once-Off data bundles and Wi-Fi Once-Off bundles; unlimited Mobile Broad Band and Wi-Fi Once-Off data bundle purchases are allowed.

  13. Mobile Broadband Once-Off bundles and Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles will be available through the following self-service channels using the number of the price plan as the login or initiator of the service;

    • MyPhone *135#

    • &

    • MyVodacom App

    • Customer Care 082135

    • Vodacom Shops

  14. SMS messages are charged at R0.82c during peak times R0.37c during off-peak times. MMS messages are charged at R0.80c per 300KB during both peak and off-peak times. Respective SMS & MMS bundled rates apply if applicable.

  15. 24 month data price plans will be voice capable and voice rates applicable to data price plans will be as follows:

    Call Rates Per Minute for 24 month Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans

    Payment Type Destination Peak Off-Peak Unitization
    Contract Vodacom R1.63 R1.63 Per Minute
    Other R2.03 R2.03


  16. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.

  17. 24 Month Mobile Broadband price plans with integrated Wi-Fi do not apply to data roaming or Wi-Fi roaming.

  18. The monthly price and data allocation for both Vodacom data and Wi-Fi data will be pro-rated for the first month of the contract where the contract is taken out in the middle of a calendar month. Thereafter the full allocation of both bundle types will take place on the 1st of every consecutive calendar month.


  1. Migrations will be allowed as long as the monthly subscription fee is either the same or higher than the current subscription fee of the contract to be migrated.

  2. Upward migrations will be allowed for contract migrations 1GB to 2GB, no downward migrations will be allowed until the full term of the contract has been fulfilled.

  3. Migrations will be pended until the end of the month and the new price plan will only take effect at the beginning of the next consecutive calendar month.

Carry-over, order of consumption and validity

  1. The data bundle expiry, for both Vodacom data and Wi-Fi data, on 24 month Mobile Broadband data price plans will be valid for up to 60 days or until the last day of the following calendar month. If the Vodacom data bundle is depleted the applicable Out Of Bundle rate is applied respective of the price plan type per MB. Mobile Broadband Once-Off bundles can be purchased to add additional data before month end. 

  2. Wi-Fi bundles do not have an Out Of Bundle Rate and a new Once-Off Wi-Fi bundle will need to be purchased upon depletion or expiry to continue using Wi-Fi in a WirelessG/G-Connect or Always On hotspot.

  3. Vodacom data bundles follow a LIFO (Last In First Out) order of consumption. The last bundle to be purchased, activated or allocated will be the first bundle to be consumed and then any other available bundles in chronological order.

  4. Wi-Fi bundles will follow the First In First Out order of consumption, the last bundle to be purchased and/or activated will be the last to be consumed, followed by any other active bundle/s in chronological order.

  5. There is no order of consumption between Vodacom data bundles and Wi-Fi bundles as this is dependent on the WAN (Wide Area Network) the customer selects i.e. 3G/LTE on the Vodacom WAN, or Wi-Fi on the G-Connect/AlwaysOn Wi-Fi WAN. This is a device setting configurable by the customer.

24 months Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans with Integrated Wi-Fi pricing:

Vodacom Data Bundle Size Wi-Fi Data Bundle Size Price Per Month In Bundle Rate (Vodacom Data) per MB In Bundle Rate (Wi-Fi Data) per MB Out Of Bundle rate (Vodacom Data) per MB Post Paid
1GB (1024MB) 200MB R80 R0.07 R0.05 R0.89
2GB (2048MB) 400MB R121 R0.05 R0.05 R0.89
3GB (3072MB) 600MB R201 R0.06 R0.05 R0.50
5GB (5120MB) 1GB (1024MB) R302 R0.05 R0.04 R0.50
10GB (10240MB) 2GB (2048MB) R585 R0.05 R0.045 R0.50
20GB (20480MB) 4GB (4096MB) R1109 R0.05 R0.02 R0.44