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VodaLend Voucher Advance Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. The VodaLend Voucher Advance product is provided by Vodacom Payment Services (Pty) Ltd ('Vodacom') in conjunction with an appointed third-party service provider (Nairtime South Africa (Pty) Ltd).

    2. Any reference to "Vodacom's Approved Platform" shall mean any website, application or contact point used by Vodacom in the facilitation of the VodaLend Voucher Advance service.

    3. By subscribing to the VodaLend Voucher Advance product ("the Service"), you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms thoroughly and carefully before using the Service.

    4. Any reference to "We", "Us" and "Our" shall refer to Vodacom Payment Service (Pty) Ltd, its affiliates and/or its third-party service providers for the Service.

    5. VodaLend Voucher Advance is available to all eligible Vodacom prepaid, uChoose and Top Up customers, subject to the eligibility criteria for Sale on Advance vouchers.

    6. VodaLend Voucher Advance vouchers (Upfront Sales and Sales on Advance) can be taken by you in different denominations as determined by us and displayed on Vodacom's Approved Platform and on the voucher.

    7. The VodaLend Voucher Advance vouchers will be offered for purchase from different vendors on Vodacom's Approved Platform, which can be used at the vendor's outlet only.

    8. All vouchers are valid for the respective period indicated on Vodacom's Approved Platform and on the voucher from the date the voucher is disbursed to you.

    9. You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Service.

    10. The Service is available for Upfront Sales and Sales on Advance options as per clause 2 and clause 3 below respectively. Please read these clauses carefully and thoroughly.

  2. Upfront Sales

    1. You can choose the "Buy Now" option on Vodacom's Approved Platform where you can purchase an immediately redeemable digital voucher, once issued, for use at the selected vendor's outlet.

    2. Payment is due and payable immediately upon purchase of the voucher.

    3. You authorize us to collect the amount payable from your bank account per the card details entered on Vodacom's Approved Platform.

  3. Sale on Advance

    1. You can choose the "Voucher Advance" option on Vodacom's Approved Platform whereby you shall be advanced an immediately redeemable digital voucher, once issued, for use at the selected vendor's outlet with the option to pay later at no additional fee, on a selected date of 3 days, 7 days or 14 days ("Sale on Advance voucher").

    2. Sale on Advance vouchers are only available to eligible Vodacom Prepaid, uChoose or Top Up customers. Non-eligible customers should check regularly on Vodacom's Approved Platform whether they have met the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria determined by us is as follows:

      1. You must be a Vodacom Prepaid, uChoose or Top Up customers;

      2. Be on the Vodacom network for 12 months; and

      3. A final objective criteria based on the customer's usage of ancillary services provided by Vodacom will be applied using a data-based scoring model to ensure a sustainable provision of the Service. 

    3.  Extended Qualification

      In order to continuously use the Sale on Advance voucher service ONCE qualified you as the customer will need to continuously pay the amount due on the selected date.

    4. Payment Terms

      1. It is important to note that the Sale on Advance voucher is immediately due for payment from the date it is purchased.  At our discretion, we provide you the option to pay for the full outstanding amount 3 days, 7 days or 14 days after the voucher is advanced to you.

      2. You authorize us to collect the amount payable, including service fees if applicable, from your bank account per the card details entered on Vodacom's Approved Platform on the chosen date.

      3. Upon failure to pay for the Sale on Advance voucher on the chosen date, you authorize us to recoup the amount outstanding from your bank account as often as allowed.

      4. After 30 days from the date the voucher is advanced to you, you shall be liable for a monthly service fee of R5.00 per month or R10.00 per month, subject to the value of the voucher, such fee which shall be communicated to you on Vodacom's Approved Platform, as allowed in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 ("NCA") for an incidental credit transaction on any outstanding amount.

    5. Disqualification and Removal from the Service

      1. Where you as a customer have not fulfilled your repayment obligations after 90 days, you will be disqualified from the Service.

      2.  In order to requalify to use the Service, you as the customer will need to settle your outstanding amount and meet the eligibility criteria in clause 3.2.

      3.  As a customer you are allowed at any time to contact us to request for the VodaLend Voucher Advance service to be deactivated/removed from your profile.

      4. Where you have requested for the Service to be deactivate/removed from your profile:

        1. As a customer, you will continue to be liable for any outstanding advances [including service fees] up to the point where the service/product has been deactivated from your profile.

        2. To have the service reactivated/reinstated onto your profile, you will need to contact Vodacom and thereafter meet the eligibility criteria.

    6. Sale on Advance Voucher Amount Limit and Multiple Advances

      1. You as a customer will be assigned a total voucher amount limit of R25, R50 or R75 (VAT Inclusive), or such denomination determined by us and displayed on Vodacom's Approved Platform and on the voucher.

      2. The Sale on Advance voucher amount limit assigned to you shall be formulated using our eligibility criteria per clause 3.2 above.

      3. The Sale on Advance voucher shall be linked to one purchase at a time. You cannot purchase multiple Sale on Advance vouchers until you have paid the outstanding amount in full.

      4. The total voucher amount limit available to you shall be displayed on your screen.

  4. Indemnity

    1. You agree to indemnify and to hold us harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including legal costs) arising out of or in connection with:

      1. The use of the Service or goods obtained through the use of the Service;

      2. Breach or violation of any of these terms and conditions;

      3. Our use of your data; and/or

      4. Violation of the rights of any third party, including our third-party service providers.

  5. Use of the Service

    1. The Service can be taken up by you directly using Vodacom's Approved Platform, available on Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

    2. Provision of the Service will involve the processing of your personal information. By you, as a customer, using the Service you accept that your personal information (i.e. sub-ID, MSISDN and payment history on Vodacom's Approved Platform) can be collected and processed by Vodacom and its appointed third-party for the Service. Please find Vodacom's Privacy Statement here.

  6. Vodacom has the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time with the method of notice determined by Vodacom.

    Privacy Notice

    • This Privacy Notice applies to customers who take VodaLend Voucher Advance. Unless context dictates otherwise, the Vodacom Privacy Statement shall also apply to interactions with you regarding any collection, use or other processing of personal information.
    Personal Information Collected
    • Vodacom only collects personal information required to enter into an agreement for VodaLend Voucher Advance.
    Uses and Sharing
    • Vodacom processes the information to provide you VodaLend Voucher Advance as per agreement and may use your information to provide you with information on related products or offer discounts on certain offerings;
    • Vodacom will use your personal information for purposes consistent with the reason Vodacom has collected it for;
    • Vodacom will share your information with our Supplier to conduct VodaLend Voucher Advance scoring. If you do not provide your consent to share the information, Vodacom will not be able to provide you with VodaLend Voucher Advance;
    • Vodacom will require our Supplier to handle your personal information in accordance with our full privacy statement, as well as applicable privacy legislation.
    Your Rights
    • You may access personal information that Vodacom holds about you. You may also ask us to correct any errors or delete the personal information Vodacom has about you, under certain circumstances;
    • You may opt-out of any marketing messages or further contact from us;
    • To protect your privacy, Vodacom may have to verify your identity before Vodacom can give you access to, or change, personal information about you.
    How to Contact Us
    • If you need to Change any of your details or 
    • If you need any other support, please call 082 135 customer care