Once-Off and Monthly Recurring Voice Bundles

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Voice bundles will be available to customers on any Contract or Top Up/uChoose Voice price plan, Voice bundles will not be available to Prepaid customers, or Customers on Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans (Top Up or Contract).

  2. Voice bundles can be purchased using the online Self Service channels including the Vodacom website, Mobile Site and the My Vodacom App.

  3. Voice bundles can be purchased as either an Once-Off option, which will be valid for 30 days from and including the day of purchase; or as a Monthly Recurring option which will be allocated on the 1st of each calendar month, and expire on the last day of the respective calendar month. All unused minutes at the time of expiry will be forfeited. The bundles that can be purchased will be listed in the tables below: 

    Once-Off or Monthly Recurring Voice Bundles 

    Minute Allocation/Bundle Description


    In-Bundle Rate Per Minute    




    R 59

    R 1.18

    Any Network Any Time

    Per Second


    R 109

    R 1.09

    Any Network Any Time

    Per Second


    R 250

    R 1.00

    Any Network Any Time

    Per Second



    R 0.90

    Any Network Any Time

    Per Second

  4.  Voice bundles can be used for calls to any network operator within the borders of South Africa and do not apply to international calls or international roaming.

  5. Voice bundles will be deducted per second during a call, whilst the call remains active. 

  6. Voice bundles purchased Once-Off on Top Up/uChoose plans can either be charged to bill, or against the airtime balance, the customer needs to choose an option at the time of purchase.

  7. Voice bundles purchased Once-Off on Contract price plans will be added to the monthly bill. 

  8. Voice bundles activated as a monthly recurring option will have the associated cost added to the monthly bill on both Top Up/uChoose as well as Contract price plan types. 

  9. Voice bundles can be used for the following types of calls (GSM Voice, Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling) the bundles do not apply to VoIP calls. 

  10. Monthly recurring voice bundles will have the associated cost and bundle allocation pro-rated if activated mid month based on the date of activation and the remaining days left in the respective calendar month. If a new monthly recurring Voice bundle is activated, and there is already a monthly recurring Voice bundle active on the line, the new activation will pend until month end and replace the old bundle. 

  11. A Recurring voice bundle can be activated or de-activated at any time. 

  12. A customer can purchase unlimited Once-Off Voice  bundles. Only one monthly recurring Voice bundle can be active on a line at any given time. 

  13. In the instance of a migration to another price plan, the voice bundle will remain active when migrating to/from or between a contract or top up/uChoose price plan. If the migration happens from a contract or top up/uChoose price plan to a prepaid price plan, the bundle will be forfeited at the time of migration. 

  14. Where multiple Voice bundles are purchased, the order of consumption will be Last In First Out, within the month of purchase. At the stard of a new month, if there is a monthly recurring Voice bundle active, the new monthly Recurring bundle will take presidence in the order of consumption i.e. Last In First Out the monthly recurring bundle will be utilised first, and then any other available Once-Off bundle portions. 

  15. Usage SMS messages will be sent to the customer at thresholds of 70% usage, 90% usage and 100% usage. At the time of either expiry, or depletion of a Voice bundle; all further calls will be charged for at the applicable Out Of Bundle rate per minute/second of the prevailing price plan type.