VodaPay Enhanced Wallet Terms and Conditions

  1. General Information

    1. These terms and conditions relate to the registration and use of any of the Lite, Pro or Essential Wallets (jointly referred to as the "Enhanced Wallets").

    2. The Enhanced Wallets are incorporated by reference to the Platform Terms and Conditions. By using the Enhanced Wallets, you indicate that you agree to the Enhanced Wallet Terms and Conditions. (the "Terms and Conditions").

    3. All capitalised terms not defined herein shall have the meaning given in the Platform Terms and Conditions.

    4. The Enhanced Wallet related financial services are duly sponsored by Bidvest Bank Ltd ("Bidvest Bank"), a company registered in terms of South African law with registration number: 2000/006478/06.

    5. The Enhanced Wallet capability is owned and operated by Vodacom Payment Services (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in terms of South African law with registration number: 2007/010688/07 (hereinafter referred to as "VPS").

    6. These Terms and Conditions shall commence from the date on which they are published and continue indefinitely, as amended by VPS from time to time, for so long as Enhanced Wallet exists and is operational, VPS being entitled to amend or terminate these Terms and Conditions and/or shut down the Enhanced Wallet at any time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    7. You agree that the information you have provided upon registration to the Enhanced Wallet is true and accurate. You agree to inform VPS immediately if the information provided becomes incorrect.

    8. You may not change any of the Terms and Conditions.

    9. You may not cede your rights or delegate your obligations in terms of the Terms and Conditions.

    10. The Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

    11. In the event that there are bank system error corrections including but not limited to incorrect double crediting of your Enhanced Wallet, you consent that VPS or Bidvest Bank, shall have the right to debit your Enhanced Wallet. Notification of such correction or debit shall be provided to you.

    12. No multiple Enhanced Wallets are allowed, and you may upgrade from one Wallet type to another, being from a Lite to an Essential and finally to a Pro Wallet.

    13. Once you register, your Enhanced Wallet does not expire it only becomes inactive or dormant, however your Enhanced Wallet may be terminated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    14. If you suspect that your Enhanced Wallet has been compromised please contact VPS on the Fraud Hotline details in clause 20.

  2. Registration/Application for an Enhanced Wallet

    1. Your registration for the Enhanced Wallet is subject to the approval criteria and may be declined at the sole discretion of VPS.

    2. VPS will request certain information from you before your registration can be completed successfully i.e. information in respect of your identity.

    3. You must provide complete, accurate information.

    4. If you cannot provide satisfactory proof of identity and/or other supporting documentation then VPS may decline your application for an Enhanced Wallet.

    5. VPS may, in order to meet its regulatory obligations, request additional information and documentation from you after the approval of your Enhanced Wallet application.

    6. By applying for the Enhanced Wallet, you agree to accept and be bound by these Terms and Conditions

    7. You will be prompted to choose your PIN or enter biometrics  for you to be able to access the Enhanced Wallet.

    8. Your PIN to the Enhanced Wallet is confidential and must be kept safe at all times.

    9. VPS and Bidvest Bank will not be held liable for a lost/or compromised PIN or any related losses due to your negligence.

  3. Payments using the Enhanced Wallet 

    1. As part of the Services, you may elect to make payments on the VPS Platforms using a digital Wallet that stores value.

    2. To register for a Wallet and use the Enhanced Wallet, you must register using your South African mobile number.

    3. Access to an Enhanced Wallet is subject to compliance with anti-money laundering legislation including but not limited to Financial Intelligence Centre Act No 38 of 2001 as amended ("FICA") and successful fraud and risk control checks.

    4. If you do not provide the requested information for the purposes of FICA at the point of registration or after receiving a request at any time after registration you will not be able to transact on your Enhanced Wallet.

    5. Access to an Enhanced Wallet shall be at VPS' and Bidvest Bank's sole discretion.

    6. The features of each type of Wallet are set out in Annexure A below.

  4. Transferring/Depositing money into Your Enhanced Wallet

    1. You may deposit funds into your Enhanced Wallet by:

      1. Transferring funds from your bank account to your Enhanced Wallet using Electronic Funds Transfer ("EFT") or instant EFT;

      2. VPS will only allocate funds in near real-time on the payment notifications received from your bank. Should you not specify your email address funds will only be allocated by following the standard EFT settlement rules.

      3. EFT payments are final and irrevocable in nature and you will be unable to lodge disputes to reverse a transaction once it has been successfully processed by VPS and/or Bidvest Bank.

  5. Electronic payment instruction transactions

    1. You should not store your PIN on your cellphone handset in any form whatsoever.

    2. If your cellphone automatically stores your PIN, the onus is on you to delete it. This will ensure that no one can transact using your Enhanced Wallet, as they will need your PIN to access and authorise transactions.

    3. You will be responsible for paying the relevant network or wireless and data service charges that you incur when using the Enhanced Wallet for this purpose.

  6. Limits on your Enhanced Wallet

    1. Certain limits may apply for in respect of the value of the transaction you may make and the balance you may hold in your Enhanced Wallet. 

    2. There are different transactional limits applicable to different types of Enhanced Wallets, which you may view in Annexure A below.

    3. The daily and monthly limits that may be applied to your Enhanced Wallet include:

      1. the total value of any goods and services you may purchase;

      2. cash withdrawals, payments and transfers you can make from your Enhanced Wallet.

    4. All transaction limits applicable to each Enhanced Wallet type are displayedin Annexure A below. VPS and Bidvest Bank reserve the right to amend such transaction limits at their sole discretion, and will provide you with such notice 30 days prior to implementing same.  

  7. Monthly Fees and Charges

    1. You can view the fees and charges in Annexure A below.

    2. No activation fee or charges apply

    3. Any fee/charges will be notified to you 30 days before they come into effect via your preferred communication method.

  8. Interest

    1. You will not earn interest on the amount held in your Enhanced Wallet.

  9. Dormancy 

    1. Your Enhanced Wallet will be deemed to be dormant after a period of 6 consecutive months of non-use.

    2. If after the end of month 3, you still do not use your Enhanced Wallet, then:

      1. You will still be able to receive funds into your Enhanced Wallet but to mitigate the risk of fraud, you will not be able to transact from it ("Soft Lock"). You can re-activate your Enhanced Wallet by requesting a system OTP or contacting VPS via the instant chat on the VPS Platform.

      2. Should your Enhanced Wallet remain in a Soft Locked state for a period in excess of 3 months and:

        1. no further action is taken for a period of 12 months, VPS shall terminate your Enhanced Wallet and retain your transactional data for a maximum period of 5 years;

        2. you have funds in your Enhanced Wallet, then VPS shall transfer such available funds to a VPS Wallet Dormancy Account. You are aware that no interest will be earned on funds retained in the VPS Wallet Dormancy Account;

      3. VPS will notify you of the 30 days before any inactivity/dormancy status or termination.

      4. No charges will be applied while your Enhanced Wallet is in dormant/inactivity status.

  10. Termination/Deactivation of your Enhanced Wallet

    1. VPS endeavours to prevent criminal activity including money laundering and terrorist financing.

    2. Accordingly, if VPS considers it necessary, or if applicable South African or international laws, rules, regulations, restrictions or policies ("applicable law") require it to do so, VPS may, in its sole discretion:

      1. restrict the use of and/or terminate your Enhanced Wallet without notice to you, if it suspects that your Enhanced Wallet has been or is being used fraudulently, negligently or unlawfully for money laundering  activities, financing terrorist and related activities, or in contravention of applicable law; or 

      2. terminate the relationship, resulting in the closure of your Enhanced Wallet, and prevent you from using the Enhanced Wallet, at any time after the VPS gives you 30-day notice of such termination.

    3. VPS may at any time and at its sole discretion deactivate your Enhanced Wallet if you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

    4. VPS may at any time and at its sole discretion deactivate your Enhanced Wallet if your continued use thereof will cause or has caused reputational or potential reputational damage to VPS or Bidvest Bank.

    5. You may deactivate your Enhanced Wallet on 30 days' notice by contacting VPS via the instant chat on the VPS Platform.

    6. The deactivation of your Enhanced Wallet for any reason shall result in the termination of these Terms and Conditions.

    7. Upon termination of your Enhanced Wallet due to breach of these Terms and Conditions you will be advised to withdraw all your funds within 30 days and your Enhanced Wallet will be deactivated.

    8. However, should you not withdraw your funds before your Enhanced Wallet is deactivated, the Bank shall transfer the remaining funds into a non-bearing interest account where the funds will be held until such time that you request the funds. You may contact us via the instant chat on the VPS Platform to withdraw your funds.

  11.  Authorised Use

    1. You are the only person authorised to use your Enhanced Wallet.

  12. Change of your contact details and communication with you

    1. You can contact us via the instant chat on the VPS Platform to change your contact details. Supporting documentation may be requested where required.

    2. Failure to do so may result in your Enhanced Wallet being suspended.

    3. VPS will contact you mainly via the app or your preferred method of communication.

    4. You will need to inform VPS of any change to your contact details.

    5. If you do not inform VPS of the change in contact details, we will continue using the contact details we have on our data base.

  13. Electronic Communication Indemnity

    1. You acknowledge that all conversations with VPS or Bidvest Bank may be recorded, and you consent to such a recording.

    2. You agree that in any dispute between you and VPS or Bidvest Bank regarding electronic instructions and documentation given to VPS or Bidvest Bank, the contents of the electronic instructions, including telephone recording, or electronic document shall be final and binding on you.

    3. You shall have no claim against VPS or Bidvest Bank, and shall indemnify VPS or Bidvest Bank, for any losses, damage or costs you may suffer or incur as a result of  VPS or Bidvest Bank acting upon an electronic instruction, except if the VPS is grossly negligent.

  14. Prepaid airtime and electricity

    1. A prepaid electricity or airtime purchase or bill payment transaction cannot be reversed or refunded once you have completed a purchase.

  15. Deceased Estate Management 

    1. In the unfortunate event of your death, a letter from the executor or administrator of the estate or your legal representative is required to advise VPS of your death. The letter should include a copy of your death certificate and a copy of your ID or passport. 

    2. Upon receipt of the documentation referenced above, VPS will Soft Lock your Enhanced Wallet and any user platform on the VPS Platforms.

    3. If at the time of your death you have available funds in your Enhanced Wallet, VPS will pay-out such available funds to a nominated trust account as advised by the letter received from your executor.  Should no such account be indicated, VPS will contact your executor and request that such an account be provided.

    4. Once the aforementioned has been completed your Enhanced Wallet and profile on the VPS Platforms will be suspended to avoid any potential future use.

  16. Limitation of Liability

    1. Unless VPS or Bidvest Bank acted with gross negligence or fraudulently, and to the extent permissible by applicable law, VPS and Bidvest Bank shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage which you, or any third party, may suffer or incur by your use of the Enhanced Wallet, including but not limited to any

      1. instances where your Enhanced Wallet PIN is compromised and you fail to notify VPS timeously, which results in a loss to you;

      2. unlawful or unauthorised access to your Enhanced Wallet;

      3. suspension or cancellation of your Enhanced Wallet where VPS or Bidvest Bank suspects same is being used for fraudulent or criminal activity;

      4. third party refusing to process any transaction via your Enhanced Wallet;

      5. failure or delay caused by third party service providers or the malfunctioning of any system or network which is beyond VPS or Bidvest Bank's reasonable control;

      6. loss or corruption of your data; or

      7. circumstances beyond VPS or Bidvest Bank's reasonable control;

  17. Warranties, Acknowledgements and Confirmation

    1. You acknowledge and confirm that VPS or Bidvest Bank may request information from any person, or business, relevant to the services in which you are interested.

    2. You warrant that the information contained herein is correct, true and complete and that you have full capacity and authority to transact with VPS and Bidvest Bank.

    3. You acknowledge that you are required to provide documents to verify your identity in terms of anti-money laundering legislation.

    4. You warrant that you have complied with all applicable legislation and regulations governing your activities including anti-money laundering legislation and exchange control legislation.

    5. You acknowledge and confirm that VPS and Bidvest Bank may carry out identity, fraud prevention and other illegal activities checks and share information related to this application through the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service and other organisations involved in criminal activities prevention.

    6. You acknowledge and confirm that VPS and Bidvest Bank may process and share personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 with third parties whose services VPS and Bidvest Bank utilises in its ordinary course of business.

  18. Security and Risk

    1. Any act performed when using the Enhanced Wallet will be assumed to have been performed by you.

    2. We shall not be obliged to enquire into, or to prove the authority of any person who has obtained access to your PIN, or who has initiated any transaction using your Enhanced Wallet.

    3. For your protection and security, you must enter the correct PIN information to identify yourself when using your Enhanced Wallet.

    4. For your protection, we can refuse to act on any instructions you send us or cancel your access (temporarily or permanently) if you do not meet the verification requirements. This includes entering the wrong PIN.

    5. We are entitled to act on and accept all transactions done after your PIN has been entered or applied correctly.

    6. We will assume that you have authorised all such transactions, even if such transactions took place without your knowledge or consent or were not authorised by you. Should you feel aggrieved in respect of a transaction, you are entitled to follow the complaints process set out in clause 22 of these Terms and Conditions.

    7. You must take the necessary steps to protect your access information, electronic equipment and your cellphone.

    8. You should never give or show your access information to any person.

  19. Addresses and Notices

    VPS nominates the address set out below as the address it will receive all communications required in terms of these Terms and Conditions:

    Physical: Corporate Park 082, Vodacom Boulevard, Vodavalley, Midrand, 1685.
    Postal: Corporate Park 082, Vodacom Boulevard, Vodavalley, Midrand, 1685.
    Email: [email protected]

  20. Communication with VPS

    If you do not understand any part of these Terms and Conditions or how they apply to you, or you would like to get more information on the Services, please contact us through our instant chat on the VPS Platform. You will interact with our chat bot Tobi but should you wish to contact us for any queries or complaints you will be able to request a call back and our friendly call centre agent will call you back. In the event that you need to report fraud; please contact our Fraud line on 082 241 0016.

  21. Amendments of these Terms and Conditions

    1. VPS shall notify you via your preferred method of communication of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions in respect of the Enhanced Wallet. It is your responsibility to review the amended Terms and Conditions to ensure that you understand them. You may contact VPS should you have any query to the amended Terms and Conditions.

    2. We will inform you within 30 (thirty) days, in writing prior to any amendments.

    3. The amendments will be binding on you and will form part of these terms and conditions 30 (thirty) days after we have notified you

    4. You may not alter any of these terms and conditions.

  22. Customer Complaints

    1. Complaints can be directed to:

      VPS by emailing [email protected] or to VPS' chat bot, Tobi, should you wish to request a call back; or

      Bidvest Bank by emailing [email protected] or via the Website at www.bidvestbank.co.za.  

    2. Should a complaint not be resolved to your satisfaction, you may refer the complaint in writing to

      The Office of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers -

      Address: Kasteel Office Park, Orange Building, 2nd floor, C/o Nossob & Jochemus street, Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria, 0048
      Email: [email protected]
      Facsimile: 012 324 3447
      Tel: 0860 324 766 ; or

      The Office of the Ombud for Banking Services -

      Address: 34 & 36 Fricker Road, Ground Floor, Illov
      Email: [email protected]
      Website: www.obssa.co.za
      Tel: 011 712 1800

  23. Protecting Your Personal Information

    1. VPS and the Bank are responsible parties in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, in respect of the Enhanced Wallet.

    2. VPS will share your personal information with the Bank for the purposes of enabling you to transact on the Enhanced Wallet.

    3. To understand how VPS collects, uses, protects and handles your personal information please visit www.vodacom.co.za.

    4. To understand how Bidvest Bank collects, uses, protects and handles your personal information please visit www.bidvest.co.za.

  24. Incorporation

    These Terms and Conditions must be read together with the VodaPay Platform Terms and Conditions.


Annexure A: VodaPay Enhanced Wallet Limits, Product Features & Pricing

VodaPay Enhanced Wallet Limits


Our range of wallets have different limits that apply per wallet type. The limits for each wallet type are provided below:

Transaction Limits Lite wallet Essential wallet Pro wallet
Maximum monthly cash received R15 000 R20 000 Unlimited
Maximum monthly withdrawals R15 000 R20 000 Unlimited
Maximum amount allowed in the wallet R20 000 R25 000 R100 000
Maximum daily cash withdrawal R3 000 R5 000 R20 000
Maximum daily send/ domestic remittance amount R5 000 R10 000 Unlimited


VodaPay Enhanced Wallet Product Features

Our wallets provide access to different features depending on the wallet type. Product features per wallet type are provided below:

 Product feature Lite wallet Essential wallet Pro wallet
Value Added Services purchases and payments (airtime, bundles, pre-paid water and electricity, bill payments, pay for traffic fines) Yes Yes Yes
In App purchases (mini-app payments) Yes Yes Yes
Withdraw cash Yes Yes Yes
Cash-in through EFT Yes Yes Yes
Send money to another Wallet user Yes Yes Yes
Receive money from another Wallet user Yes Yes Yes


VodaPay Enhanced Wallet Pricing 2021

VodaPay Enhanced Wallet - Fee Schedule 2021
All fees are inclusive of VAT
Monthly Fees
Monthly Administration Fee Free
Monthly Service Fees Free
EFT Free
Receive money from VodaPay Wallet users Free
Cash-Out & Purchases
Send money to other VodaPay wallet users Free
Bill Payments Free
Buy airtime and bundles Free
Buy prepaid water Free
Buy prepaid electricity Free
Pay at shops and merchants Free
Mini-App payments  Free
Pay traffic fines Free
Cash-out to bank account


per R1, 000

All notifications (In-App, SMS, Email, Push notifications) Free