Vodacom Wi-Fi Calling/VoWiFi

Terms and Conditions

  1. Wi-Fi calling is a service available to certain smartphone devices on the Vodacom network that allows traditional voice calls to be routed over a Wi-Fi network instead of the traditional Vodacom or other base station. The service aims to improve the call quality and user experience of voice calls when the cellular signal strength is very weak and/or the customer is roaming in a foreign country. 

  2. In order to use Wi-Fi calling a customer needs to have a compatible device that supports Wi-Fi calling on the Vodacom network, the correct version of software approved by Vodacom, as well as the VoLTE/VoWiFi service provisioned on their SIM card. Customers can contact customer care on 082 135 to have the service provisioned, the service is free of charge. The Wi-Fi calling function also needs to be switched on in the device's settings, please consult your device manufacturer's user guide to find out where to enable Wi-Fi calling. 

  3. Wi-Fi calling will only function when one of the following 3 parameters, or a mixture of these parameters are met:

    1. The devices cellular signal drops below a pre-set threshold and is connected to a working Wi-Fi network.

    2. The device is in flight mode with Wi-Fi enabled.

    3. The device is being used in a foreign country with the Vodacom SIM card inserted and connected to a working Wi-Fi network.

  4. Please note that not all Wi-Fi networks will function correctly with Wi-Fi calling depending on how the network has been configured by its administrator. If a Wi-Fi network is slow and/or unreliable it may affect the ability to make a call or the quality of the call being placed. Similarly if Wi-Fi calling has been blocked on a particular Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi calling service may not work correctly.

  5. When using Wi-Fi calling locally (within the borders of South Africa) the parameters 3.1 and 3.2 need to be met in order for Wi-Fi calling to take over as the default voice bearer. Calls will be charged as if the customer was making a call over the cellular network. This means that where there are voice bundles available or a minute balance, the call will deduct minutes/seconds from the bundle depending on the price plan type. Where there are no voice or minute bundles available, the call will be charged at the standard per minute or per second rate applicable to the price plan terminating the call.

    NB: Wi-Fi calling will NOT use available Data bundles and is not treated as a VoIP call.

  6. Wi-Fi calling can be used whilst roaming (Postpaid only) and where parameter 3.3 is met, the customer will be able to make a call over the Wi-Fi network as if he/she was within the borders of South Africa, that is to say that calls will be charged in a similar fashion to the rates term 5 refers to so long as the device remains connected to a working Wi-Fi network. In this instance, regardless of whether roaming is active or not on the line, roaming call rates will not apply for calls placed or received. It is important to note however that you may still incur roaming or Travel Saver rates if your device disconnects from Wi-Fi at any given time and a call is either placed or received during this time of disconnection. Please refer to the roaming and Travel Saver rates applicable to the region you are traveling to. 

  7. In order for a customer to determine if their Wi-Fi calling is active and working, they need to look for the following indicators bearing in mind these can be different from device to device.

    1. A logo of a traditional handset with a Wi-Fi logo coming out of it (triangle made up of a series of curved lines)

    2. The text 'Wi-Fi Call' appearing on the screen

    3. The text 'Vodacom VoWiFi' appearing on the screen

      NB: You may need to pull down from the top of the screen of your device in order to see all logos and/or text.

  8. Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material, Vodacom shall provide prior written notice of such change or amendment.