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Vodacom Travel Saver

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Vodacom Travel Saver is applicable only when roaming in the participating countries. The participating countries, zones and applicable rates are annexed hereto and form part of these terms and conditions. 

  2. In order to qualify for Vodacom Travel Saver rates, you must ensure that you are roaming in a qualifying country that is listed as a Vodacom Travel Saver country.

  3. All networks in the qualifying countries will be charged at Travel Saver rates with the exclusion of Malta Maritime services which is a satellite network, Angola, Ethiopia and Senegal.

  4. Vodacom Contract, Prepaid and Top Up customers with roaming activated. 

  5. Prepaid and Hybrid customers have a limited data services footprint. As countries and networks launch prepaid data roaming services, the networks will automatically allow data services for Travel Saver.

  6. Customers with the basic roaming services (Vodafone World) already activate can opt-in to the Vodacom Travel Saver offer using the following channels:
    The below mentioned channels can also be used to de-active the service

    1. Keyword SMS - SMS “SAVE” to 123 while in SA (free) or +2782123 while abroad (roaming SMS rates will apply). You might be prompted to SMS to 31050 instead, this only works while in SA.

    2. Service Providers

    3. Vodacom Online Portal, Select Services > Calling Services

    4. Calling Customer Care, 082135

    5. USSD, Dial *135#> Service> roaming

  7. After activation of the service, Vodacom Travel Saver will remain the customers default roaming option when they travel in the qualifying countries until it is de-activated.

  8. There is a daily subscription fee applicable on the service. The subscription fee is only applicable/charged on days that a customer is roaming on the Vodacom Travel Saver qualifying countries and making use of any roaming service i.e making or receiving calls, sending SMS and data usage (days with no roaming event will not be charged a subscription fee).

  9. Receiving an SMS or calls to customer care are events that will note trigger the daily subscription fee 

  10. If a customer is not roaming on a participating Vodacom Travel Saver country, the applicable Vodafone World Zone Rates will apply.

  11. When the customer de-activates Vodacom Travel Saver, they will not qualify for the rates even if they are roaming in a Vodacom Travel Saver country, Vodafone World Zone Rates will apply. 

  12. When a subscriber has opted for Vodacom Travel Saver and is roaming on an Africa Roaming network, Vodacom Travel Saver rates will apply.

  13. While roaming on any participating Vodacom Travel Saver country, calling Vodacom’s dedicated Customer Contact Centre (+2782135) will be free.

  14. Customers may not have SMS roamer and Vodacom Travel Saver active simultaneously however they are allowed to move between SMS Roamer and Vodacom Travel Saver.

  15. Customers may have Vodafone world and Vodacom Travel Saver active simultaneously however Vodacom Travel Saver will apply when roaming in the Vodacom Travel Saver qualifying footprint, Vodafone World rates apply when customer is not roaming in the Travel Saver qualifying footprint. 

  16. If customer has triggered an event and used Travel Saver but opts out of the service, Vodafone World rates will apply only from the next day.

  17. The Vodacom Travel Saver fee must be billed based on South African dates and times (i.e. The daily subscription fee will be charged according to the day start in South Africa).

  18. While roaming on any of participating Vodacom Travel Saver countries, accessing your voicemail (132) will be charged as a roaming call made back to South Africa each time the call is made. 

  19. Vodacom Travel Saver rates exclude premium and satellite numbers i.e. calls to these numbers will be charged at the current premium and satellite rates.

  20. Vodacom Travel Saver rates exclude Bundled minutes, promotional tariffs, free minutes. Public holidays and off-peak rates do not apply.

  21. The Vodacom Travel Saver service is only available for personal use and non-commercial purposes.

  22. The unitization for the Vodacom Travel Saver offer will remain the same as the existing Vodafone World unitization (60:60 for voice and 10kB increments for data).

  23. All rates are VAT inclusive