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Vodacom Screen Insurance

Terms And Conditions

Please note this is summary of the information relating to Vodacom Screen Insurance. Vodacom Screen Insurance is only available as part of pre-defined deals. This product cannot be purchased as a standalone offer. Full Terms and Conditions are available on the website:www.vodacom.co.za/insurance. This short-term insurance product is underwritten by Vodacom Insurance (RF) Limited.  

For any queries, complaints and claims related to your insurance product please contact Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd, our insurance administrator on 082 1952


What you are covered for:

Vodacom Screen Insurance:

  • If the Screen of Your Insured Device is cracked or damaged, we will pay the repair cost up to a maximum of R5000 per repair claim. 

  • Maximum claim limits apply:

    1. If You received 24 months of cover as part of a Vodacom Deal, a maximum of 2 claims will be paid over the 24 month period

  • All repairs must be done at a repair centre approved by Vodacom Insurance (RF) Limited and will be done in accordance with the standard repair process. 

  • Please note that the repairs to your Screen may affect the device warranty therefore you are liable to verify this with the respective manufacturer.This Policy only covers the Screen of the Insured Device and cannot be transferred to another device.

Important Information at claims stage: Excess payable

The excess is the first amount payable by you and is set out below. 

  • You will pay an excess of R150 upon every successful claim.

  • If the repair or replacement cost is greater than R5000, You will have to pay the difference.


What you will NOT be covered for:

Vodacom Screen Insurance:

  • We will not pay out if your device is stolen or lost.

  • We will not pay out for any repairs to the Screen if there is any liquid damage to the insured device

  • We will not pay for any additional accessories including but not restricted to screen covers, carrying cases, or any other equipment used in conjunction with the Insured Device.

  • We will not pay for any other repairs to the device except for the repairs to the Screen in all instances, whether the other repair is related to the cracked/damaged Screen or not.  You will have to pay for the cost of such repairs. 

  • We will not pay for a Screen repair if the repair to the Screen does not place the Insured device in working condition.

  • We will not cover You for any repairs covered under the device manufacturer warranty;

  • We will not pay for normal wear and tear, including scratches;