Vodacom Redlovesgreen Device Management Initiative

Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how important digital technology is in keeping us connected. Yet, hundreds of thousands of people across the South Africa don't have adequate access to a device or connectivity at home and face huge barriers in accessing education and support services. Vodacom has launched Redlovesgreen Device Management Initiative Campaign which aims to help by collecting and redistributing old smartphones, tablets together with all accessories (the "Devices") to those who need them most. For the purpose of these terms and conditions "accessories" shall include:

      1. Chargers;

      2. Earphones;

      3. SIM cards or memory cards; and

      4. any other similar accessory in respect of a Device will be accepted by Vodacom as part of the Redlovesgreen device management initiative.

    2. These Terms and Conditions govern your participation in the Redlovesgreen device management initiative. By sending your Devices to Vodacom and therefore taking part in the Redlovesgreen device management initiative, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. You should also refer to the FAQs found at Vodacom

    3. We recommend that you print and store or save a copy of these Terms and Conditions for future reference.

  2. Eligibility

    1. You can only donate Device that you own or are duly authorised to donate. You hereby warrant to Vodacom that you are the lawful owner and/ or possessor of the Device and therefore indemnify Vodacom against any claims or losses howsoever arising that Vodacom may be subject to as a result of you donating Devices to Vodacom.

    2. You can only donate Devices that are in working condition. Vodacom will dispose of any donated Devices that are not in working condition.

    3. In order to participate in the Redlovesgreen initiative, you are required to complete the donation form found at  Vodacom specifying the following:

      1. Your name and identity number;

      2. Your contact details, including your address and telephone number;

      3. An address in the Western Cape from which the Devices you intend to donate can be collected be collected by Vodacom as well as the contact details of the person that will be available at the time and place of collection;

      4. Details of the Device(s) you intend to contribute to the Redlovesgreen, including the Device manufacturer, Make, Model and IMEI number

    4. Vodacom will arrange for the Device(s) to be collected by courier service from the address specified in the application form at no cost to you.

    5. Upon courier's arrival you will receive an envelope. Insert the device(s) into the envelope, seal the package and return to couriers.

  3. Ownership of the donated Devices

    1. You hereby acknowledge and agree that ownership in the donated Devices shall pass from you to Vodacom at the point of receipt by the courier; and that you are donating the Device and shall not receive any remuneration, fees or payment from Vodacom, any Charity Partner or any other person for the donated Devices.

    2. If you send any Device that in the absolute discretion of Vodacom is not eligible for redistribution, Vodacom shall have the right to deal with any such Device at its absolute discretion, including arranging for its recycling or disposal.

  4. Your obligations

    You must:

    1. take all reasonable steps to ensure that any data (including personal data) has been deleted on each Device;

    2. take all reasonable steps to reset each Device to its default factory settings, including removing any password, pin number or cloud-based protection, such as Google lock, iCloud, and disabled any 'find my device' functionality such as 'Find My iPhone'; and

    3. ensure you have complied with any law, regulation and/or internal procedure or policy that is applicable to you in the context of your participation in the Redlovesgreen initiative in accordance with these terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, obtaining any consents or other authorisations required and compliance with any anti-bribery and corruption or privacy policies in connection with your donation of the Devices.

  5. Vodacom's obligations

    Vodacom shall:

    1. take all reasonable steps to wipe the Devices and delete all previous user data.

    2. arrange for the Devices to be donated to any of the Charity Partners (or to any other registered charity that may participate in the Redlovesgreen initiative from time to time), in each case in Vodacom's absolute discretion.

  6. General

    1. Privacy. Any personal data processed by Vodacom will be processed in accordance with Vodacom's privacy policy available at vodacom.co.za /privacy-policy

    2. Should any clause, term or provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the other clauses, terms and provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid or unenforceable clause, term or provision shall be deemed to be substituted by a suitable and equitable clause, term or provision, which, to the extent legally permissible, comes as close as possible to the intent and purpose of the invalid or unenforceable clause, term or provision.

    3. Changes to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on the Vodacom website. It is your responsibility to ensure you review the current Terms and Conditions before sending your Devices to Vodafone and participating in the Redlovesgreen initiative.

  7. Reward

    Vodacom shall:

    1. Reward the first 100 customers who send their devices for donation or recycling with a Takealot voucher to the value of R400 only;

    2. The Takealot voucher will be sent virtually to the customer through their e-mail address, on the condition that the correct details are provided;

    3. Vodacom shall not be responsible for an incorrect email address provided by the customer;

    4. ONLY the first 100 customers will receive a Takealot voucher

    5. The rest of the customers, from customer 101, will be automatically entered into a draw to stand a chance to win an iPhone 12.

    6. The winner of the iPhone 12 will be contacted on the cellphone number provided.