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Vodacom Home Assistance

Terms And Conditions


Home Assistance programme provides assistance to you when you are involved in a home emergency. A home emergency means any sudden, unexpected and/or unforeseen event at your home requiring the immediate and/or urgent services of a domestic tradesman to limit/minimise or prevent further damage to the home.

This benefit is restricted to home emergencies and only applies to your eligible premises/primary place of permanent residence or eligible premises, within the Republic of South Africa and used for domestic purposes, including outbuildings. 

The eligible primary residence is captured at the date of sale.

Emergency Services Notification and Call-out: 

At your request our Assist Call Centre will relay a notification of emergencies to the police, traffic, fire brigade, ambulance, security or any other emergency service provider.

Mobile Notification Services: 

As a member, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the update on your active case. The below details will be sent to your mobile phone after lodging a case: 

  • Name of primary case manager

  • Reference number (ease of calling in and enable anyone of the Assist Agents to intervene or provide further details to the caller member)

  • Once a service provider has been appointed, the responding service provider details will be sent along with the ETA

  • Any changes made to the case (new service provider, additional requests - breakdown, needs a tow, etc.)

  • If there is a shift change, the details of your new case manager will also be sent

*Please note that each benefit will be managed on an individual basis and is highly dependent on traffic, weather and correct information received, i.e. address or area of incident.

Services Rendered: 

The Home Assistance programme shall entail the following emergency services to customers: 

  1. Plumbers

  2. Glaziers

  3. Electricians

  4. Locksmiths

  5. Tree felling

  6. Bee keepers

  7. Pest controllers - borer beetle/ thatch lice/ dust mites/ cockroaches / fleas/ fish moths/ ants/ ticks/ bedbugs/ rodents - ONLY

Benefit excludes maintenance (of any kind)


Assistance shall be provided to customers in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following:

  • Visible burst water connections and pipes

  • Blocked drains, toilets, baths and sinks, causing further damage to the home

  • Emergency geyser overflow, valves (Latco and pressure release) causing loss of hot water and pressure-release problems


  • Glazier assistance is a 24-hour helpline, offering assistance where a service provider is dispatched to ensure that damaged building glass can be professionally replaced

  • Broken or badly cracked window panes which could result in access to the residence

  • No materials are covered as this is for the clients account (the actual glass, etc. is for the client's account)


Assistance shall be provided to customers in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following: 

  • Distribution boards, circuits and main cables causing power failure

  • Earth-leakage relays causing power failure

  • Geyser connections and elements causing 100% power failure

  • Plug points causing 100% power failure

  • Light fittings or switches causing 100% power failure

  • Lightning strikes on wiring causing 100 % power failure

  • Multiple burnt connections on wiring or plug points causing 100% power failure

  • Connections to all electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor) causing 100% power failure


  • If keys are broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house (This includes outbuildings)

  • If a person is locked inside the house or any room within the house


Burglary incidents (the member will be assisted, but is liable for the cost), and garages, padlocks, replacing of damaged locks (the member will be assisted at his/her own expense), business premises (business premises - only applicable for office assistance)

Additional benefits also included are: 

  • Tree fellers/ bee keepers and pest controllers - paid for up to the per incident limits only and only within day light hours

  • Should a break in occur, security assistance and guarding services will be provided at the members request. This will be for the member's own account

Estimated service times: 

  • Urban areas = average response time is 35 to 80 mins (from time of dispatch - 40km to 100km) with the potential of extended response time on weekends only

  • Rural areas = average response time is 80 - 240 mins (from time of dispatch - in excess of 100km)

For any queries please contact us on 082 17 800