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Vodacom Dial A Teacher

Terms and conditions:

These are the terms and conditions for your Dial a Teacher value added product. It is important that you read and keep this document in a safe place. This value added product is brought to you by Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited ("Vodacom") in conjunction with Digicall South Africa (Pty) Ltd, who will be administering the benefits and services for your Dial a Teacher value added product.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are acknowledging that:

  1. You have accepted the option to activate the value added product and that you understand all the features, benefits, limitations and costs associated with the value added product you have selected.

  2. You give Vodacom permission to add a monthly fee to your Vodacom contract bill.

  3. This value added product is optional and you have agreed to the terms, conditions, exceptions, and limits stated in this document.


You can cancel this value added product by calling 08217800 and selecting option three (3) for value added products.

How to Claim

To claim for any of the benefits or services listed under your value added product, please contact our helpline on 082 17 800 and select option (3) for value added products.

Queries and complaints regarding this value added product may also be submitted to us via our helpline on 082 17 800


  1. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend this value added product and its benefits in its sole and absolute discretion, including when any fraudulent activity is suspected, and if the outcome of an investigation proves that fraudulent activity did occur, Vodacom shall be entitled to terminate the product and/or benefits.

  2. Vodacom may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms and conditions or the monthly service fees payable in its sole and absolute discretion subject to 30 days written notice to you. By continuing to use any of the value added products you agree and understand that you will be bound by the amended terms and conditions. You agree and understand that it shall be your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms at all relevant times.

  3. Vodacom has the right to withdraw, or shorten the duration of any of its value added products in its sole and absolute discretion and will notify customers if it chooses to do so. Customers will not have a claim against Vodacom in this event.

Terms of Use for the Value Added Products

  1. Vodacom provides the Dial a Teacher value added product to Vodacom customers in conjunction with Digicall South Africa (Pty) Ltd and its duly authorised partners and/or third-party service providers and, subject to these terms and clause 3 in particular, shall make the full benefits available to you once you have signed up /registered for or have agreed to activate the Dial a Teacher value added service. By using this value added product, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

  2. This value added product is available as a recurring service to Vodacom contract customers only.

  3. The subscription fee for your value added product will be charged on your Vodacom contract bill on a monthly basis.

  4. By signing up for any of our value added products you give us your informed and explicit consent and authorize us to process your personal information, locate your mobile phone device and share your location and personal information with our duly authorised partners and/or third party service providers to enable us to provide the valued added service to you. All your relevant personal information will be processed in accordance with our information security processes and information processing policy according to the POPI Act.

  5. By signing up and/or activating any of our value added products you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following conditions of use:

  6. You must ensure and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility that your account with Vodacom is active, up to date with repayments and has a sufficient credit balance available to enable the monthly service fee for the value added product to be debited to your account. In the event that the debit of the monthly service fee to your account is unsuccessful we may suspend, limit and/or cancel your use of, subscription and/or access to the value added product. Vodacom (hereinafter "we", "us", "our" and/or "ourselves") are hereby absolved of any liability in this regard;

  7. You hereby give your informed and explicit consent for your account with Vodacom to be debited with the monthly subscription fee for provision of the value added product;

  8. Vodacom shall not in any way or form be held liable for unavailability of the value added service due to non-payment of the monthly service fee by yourself.

  9. This value added product may not be used for any purpose other than for your personal noncommercial purposes. The product may not be used in a manner that would bring us or our business into disrepute. Furthermore, our value added products may not be used for unlawful purposes or in a manner which infringes our rights or the rights of any other person.

  10. We shall be entitled to terminate these terms and conditions immediately if you commit any material breach of any term of these terms and conditions. No waiver by us of any breach of a provision of these terms and conditions by you shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.

  11. The territory in which any of our value added products shall be available to you is limited to the area within the borders of the Republic of South Africa ("territory") unless stated to the contrary herein.

Dial a teacher value added product breakdown:

Teacher Assistance Line

This service provides an after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries when the parent is not available or equipped to deal with the learners' needs.

The service is provided to the Member and his/her immediate family. Immediate family means the principal Member's spouse and children (their biological and legally adopted dependent and unmarried children).

Information supplied through the Internet can be forwarded to the learners by email. Telephonic assistance can then be provided in order to research information for projects and the like.

The benefits are that children have access to the very best homework help and study requirements. This offers the opportunity to adapt gradually to the changing education curriculum and ensure that the children are receiving the very latest information and assistance.

The wellbeing and education of children will always be a priority.

Tutor Line will provide parents with "peace of mind" that either due to circumstances or unavailability, professional assistance and guidance will be accessible to their children at the agreed hours 5 days a week.

Tutor Line provides access to professional and qualified tutors. Their role is to encourage, explain and assist children during those difficult moments of homework where so often parents are not available, or not equipped to deal with the issues

Duration: The rate includes up to 60 min telephonic advice with the call being warm transferred to the tutor

Key service elements

Telephonic learner support, education and project compilation assistance are provided in all the major subjects:

  • Maths

  • Afrikaans

  • Natural Science

  • Economics

  • Social Sciences: History, Geography

  • Business Economics

  • English

  • Biology / Life Science


Internet access allows the competent tutors to search for information and compile summaries where required

Modes of communication include call and email

Tutors are highly qualified, practicing teachers and therefore at the forefront of teaching practices and curricula

Tutors are supported by administrative, research and IT personnel who assist in IT database compilation and project research.

Assistance is offered to learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12

Service Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 18h00 to 21h00 (excluding National School and Public Holidays).

Contact details

Step 1: Dial 082 178 00

Step 2: Press "3"