Vodacom Coupon


  1. The following terms and conditions apply to the use and redemption of the Vodacom coupon on the Vodacom Fibre Customer care and Online

  2. The Vodacom coupon is a redeemable payment mechanism offered to Vodacom Fibre customers.

  3. The Vodacom coupon includes information such as the value of the coupon, coupon number and validity period.

  4. The Vodacom coupon terms and conditions as detailed herein are subject to change from time to time.

  5. Any change to the Vodacom coupon terms and conditions will be communicated to the customer upon thirty (30) days written notice or such other reasonable notice period as the circumstances require.

  6. Vodacom shall remain the main point of contact for all coupons. 

  7. Vodacom reserve a right to discontinue the sale of new coupons anytime.

Fibre specific terms and conditions, the additional service or device specific terms and conditions shall prevail.

Provision of Coupon

  1. The Vodacom coupon will only be available through specific business partners.

  2. The Vodacom coupons are available on a once-off and recurring basis. 

  3. The recurring coupon will be allocated on the customer's account on a monthly basis.

  4. The customer invoice will reflect the difference between the coupon value and the price of the Vodacom Fibre service for the month.

  5. The Vodacom coupon is available on a 1 (one) month, 3 (three) months, 12 (twelve) months, 24 (twenty four) months and 36 (thirty six) months period.

  6. The Vodacom coupon is valid for a period of 3 (three) years from the date of purchase.

Redemption of the Coupons

  1. The Vodacom coupon is redeemable only by purchasing a new Vodacom Fibre Broadband service, either with or without the value added services.

  2. The Vodacom coupon is only redeemable based on a new sales order of the Vodacom Fibre service.

  3. To redeem the value of the coupon, a valid coupon number must be entered as part of the Vodacom Fibre sale.

  4. The Vodacom Fibre coupon can be redeemed by calling Customer Care on 082 1904.

  5. The redemption of the coupon for a Vodacom Fibre service shall not result in a credit on the customer's account, even if the amount on the invoice is less than the amount of the coupon.

  6. If a customer has redeemed a coupon for a Vodacom Fibre service but later elects to cancel the Vodacom Fibre service the coupon will no longer be valid.

  7. Only one coupon can be redeemed per Vodacom Fibre sale therefore a customer cannot redeem multiple coupons for the same Vodacom Fibre service sale.

Cancellation and Expiry of the Coupons

  1. Once the duration of the coupon has expired, Vodacom will bill the customer for the full monthly subscription of the Vodacom Fibre services for the subsequent months.

  2. If the customer has redeemed the Vodacom coupon for a Vodacom Fibre sales order and the customer cancels the sales order prior to the installation of the Vodacom Fibre service then coupon will be restored as not redeemed and will be re-issued to the buyer of the coupon.

  3. Vodacom will not be liable for a replacement of the coupon number that are discontinued, cancelled or used due to fraud.

  4. Vodacom shall not be held liable for any form of damages suffered whatsoever due to the loss, unauthorised use or unauthorised distribution of a Vodacom Fibre coupon, after Vodacom has delivered the Vodacom Fibre coupon to the customer.

Transfer of the Coupon

  1. Vodacom coupon can only be transferred to a new customer on condition that the customer has the same address as the previous owner.

  2. A coupon cannot be transferred from one service to another.

  3. The Vodacom coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.

  4. The Vodacom coupon cannot be used to purchase other gifts or coupons.