Upfront Payment Terms and Conditions

Upfront Payments (UFP) provides qualifying customers with the opportunity to obtain a cellphone contract and handset that they ordinarily would not qualify for. This is made possible by the customer making a UFP in store which payment is placed in a holding account linked to the customers Vodacom account for the duration of the contract term. The UFP reduces the monthly amount owed, making subscription repayments more affordable.

  1. The Upfront Payment (UFP) offer is only available to qualifying customers, based on Vodacom's standard credit vetting process.

  2. The upfront payment calculation is based on the customer's credit profile and the price plan selected.

  3. In order for an UFP deal to be processed, a debit or credit card payment must be successfully completed in store. No cash payments are permitted.

  4. The UFP amount will be split over the contract period into a monthly amount which will be deducted from the monthly subscription amount payable. This will reflect as such on the monthly Vodacom invoice.

  5. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel their contract before the term date, the remaining UFP balance will be subtracted from the cancellation fee payable at the time of the request. If any amount is owed to the customer thereafter, it will be refunded as per the current refund process.

  6. The UFP balance cannot be refunded and will be applied as outlined in point 5 above in the case of a contract cancellation. 

  7. All other existing premature cancellation rules will still apply.

  8. The UFP balance in the holding account will not accrue any interest over the contract period.

  9. Customers can contact a Vodacom store or call customer care on 082135 for additional information or queries.

  10. Vodacom reserves the right to amend or expand on these terms and conditions and where such amendment is material, Vodacom shall provide reasonable prior written notice of such change before it takes effect.