uChoose Flexi Price Plans

Terms And Conditions

  1. The following Terms and Conditions relate to the Vodacom uChoose Flexi Plans. These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with the standard Terms and Conditions contained in the Vodacom Contract airtime agreement and Terms and Conditions Booklet. Where any terms and conditions conflict with each other, these uChoose Flexi Price Plan terms and conditions will prevail. 

  2. These Terms and Conditions do not replace any other Terms and Conditions, agreements or contracts that exist between you and Vodacom. 

  3. Your subscription to the Service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Vodacom reserves the right to    modify the Service(s) where reasonably required and may from time to time expand on these Terms and Conditions and will provide you with reasonable notice thereof. You will be bound by all current Terms and Conditions, so please update yourself with them on a regular basis.

  4. Vodacom reserves the right to charge for VoIP data calls (Voice over Internet Protocol) on selected price plans at applicable rates.

  5.  uChoose Flexi price plans receive a monthly airtime allocation, in Rands, equivalent to the subscription amount of the price    plan hereinafter referred to as subscription airtime. The monthly subscription amount refers to the monthly amount billed to    the customer in advance at the beginning of each calendar month. uChoose Flexi Price Plans may also recharge their accounts with additional airtime hereinafter referred to as recharge airtime. Subscription airtime and recharge airtime will be kept in separate wallets and will be displayed as such when a customer checks their balance on any of the self-service channels available. 

  6. Customers can only transfer airtime from their recharge airtime wallet, and a maximum of 80% of this balance will be allowed to be transferred as airtime to another Prepaid, uChoose Flexi, uChoose Smart or Smart Top Up+ price plan.

  7. If you migrate from a Price Plan with Airtime or bundle services (Voice, SMS and Data) as part of the standard Price Plan, to any other Price Plan, regardless of whether the new Price Plan selected incorporates any bundled offerings, migration rules will apply and you may forfeit all or a portion of the accumulated airtime or bundled service/s.

    1. Migrations that take place from a uChoose Flexi price plan to Prepaid price plans will forfeit their monthly subscription airtime but carry over their recharge airtime at the time of migration.

    2. Migrations that take place from a uChoose Flexi price plan to a uChoose Smart/Smart Top Up+ price plan will forfeit their monthly subscription airtime, but carry over their recharge airtime.

    3. Migrations that take place from a uChoose Flexi price pan to an open contract or postpaid price plan will forfeit both their monthly subscription airtime, as well as their recharge airtime at the time of migration.

  8.  Monthly subscription airtime allocation on the uChoose Flexi packages cannot be used for the purchase of premium rated, content, WASPS and VAS services.

  9. uChoose Flexi customers have access to certain VAS offers and services which Vodacom reserves the right to discontinue.

  10. Monthly subscription airtime allocated as part of the uChoose Flexi plans will carry over to the following month; recharge airtime does not expire.

  11. Monthly subscription airtime allocated as part of uChoose Flexi price plans can be used for all call types, data transmission (upload and download) as well as sending of SMS and MMS messages and will be charged for at the applicable rates. Monthly subscription airtime can also be used to purchase Once-Off/30-day bundle/s service/s. 

  12. Monthly recurring bundles added as a VAS to uChoose Flexi price plans will be added to the monthly bill and not deducted from subscription or recharge airtime. 

  13. Calls, Data and SMS usage, where no bundled services are available, or to premium rated services, will also have the out-of-bundle rate applied and billed against either the monthly subscription airtime, or recharge airtime where applicable, unless otherwise stipulated. Please see the below table for billing reference.

    uChoose Flexi Price Plans impacted by the business rule change


    Price Plan Subscription & Airtime Allocation
    uChoose Flexi 65 R65.00
    uChoose Flexi 125 R125.00
    uChoose Flexi 175 R175.00
    uChoose Flexi 230 R230.00
    uChoose Flexi 390 R390.00
    uChoose Flexi 550 R550.00
    uChoose Flexi 810     R810.00
    uChoose Flexi R55 R55.00
    uChoose Flexi R55 Monthly R55.00
    uChoose Flexi 60 R60.00
    uChoose Flexi 60 Monthly     R60.00
    uChoose Flexi 115     R115.00
    uChoose Flexi 115 Monthly     R115.00
    uChoose Flexi 160 R160.00
    uChoose Flexi 160 Monthly R160.00
    uChoose Flexi 210 R210.00
    uChoose Flexi 210 Monthly R210.00
    uChoose Flexi 370 R370.00
    uChoose Flexi 370 Monthly R370.00
    uChoose Flexi 525 R525.00
    uChoose Flexi 525 Monthly     R525.00
    uChoose Flexi 790 R790.00
    uChoose Flexi 790 Monthly     R790.00
    uChoose Flexi 1050 R1 050.00
    uChoose Flexi 1550 R1 050.00