Try and Buy Terms and Conditions

  1. By signing up for the uChoose Flexi 230 service you agree to be provisioned with the Try and Buy VAS, which will be free of charge for the first 3 months, after which you will be billed per month, unless you cancel the bundle. Please refer to clause 19 below

  2. The recurring value added service (VAS) (free and charged) will be available to all new and existing Postpaid and Hybrid customers as part of a specific deal.

  3. The free promotional VAS will be available via a deal construct and for both new activations and upgrades.

  4. The recurring VAS will be offered for free for the first 3 months and thereafter, you will be charged (from month 4)

  5. The VAS will be allocated on the 1st of the month, and will recur on a month to month basis.

  6. The VAS (free and charged) will be valid for 30 days, however, you may roll over your bundle by purchasing a bundle of the same size and validity prior to the expiry of your initial/existing bundle.

  7. Data transfer will apply to the Try and Buy VAS, whereby you have the ability to transfer the bundle to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details:

  8. If the deal is activated mid-month, the free VAS must be pro-rated according to the day of the month. The full allocation will take place on the 1st of the next month.

    Example if activated mid-January the following should happen:

    • January = pro-rated allocation and no charge

    • February - April = full allocation and no charge

    • May = full allocation and charge

  9. The charged VAS and price point exposed to you will be specifically tailored to your usage and spend behaviour and the applicable charge will be added to your bill. You will be notified of the charged amount at the point of deal activation and again, once the free Try and Buy VAS is activated

  10. When you migrate and you have an active Try and Buy VAS, you will forfeit that bundle.

  11. The recurring VAS must automatically de-activate when you upgrade

  12. When a migration/upgrade reversal is done, then you will get all the services that you had in your the initial package.

  13. In the case where your line was suspended, when the line reactivated after suspension, all the initial allocations must continue from where it left off before you went to collection.

    • Example: If your line is suspended after 2 months of activation - you will get your free VAS allocations for the first 2 months and on the month the line is resumed, you will get your last free 3rd VAS allocation. Thereafter, the charged for VAS will activate. i,e, if your free VAS is activated in February, you will receive your free Try and Buy VAS allocation for February and March and the third free VAS allocation will be allocated on the month the line is resumed

  14. Only one recurring instance of any VAS (free or charged) can be activated per line at any time i.e. a single recurring VAS can be active on an account at a time.

  15. Any existing active incentive bundles (free), must not be impacted by this free Try and Buy VAS and should remain as is.

  16. The VAS (free/charged) will not have the functionality to be upgraded via Customer Care

  17. Before being charged for the recurring VAS, you will be notified when the free VAS will expire and at what point you begin to be charged for your monthly subscription. You will be charged from the 1st of the following month.

  18. You will be notified at the following periods:

    • 1 month prior to Free VAS

    • 7 days prior to Free VAS expiry

  19. An additional notification will be sent to you when first charged for VAS (post-trial period) is activated

  20. The VAS can be removed at any time during and after the promotion period, should you request it. You can deactivate the bundle via:

    • Customer Care: 082 135

    • Self-Service channels:

      • USSD: *135# under "services"¬†or via USSD direct string *135*140#

      • My Vodacom App