VodaBucks Store

Terms & Conditions

You can purchase goods and services with your VodaBucks through the VodaBucks Store. Joining the VodaBucks Rewards Programme means you will earn VodaBucks when using our qualifying Vodacom services. Once you Bank your Bucks, you can then spend them on a range of rewards in the VodaBucks Store. Rewards in the VodaBucks Store include:

  • Airtime and data bundles
  • Home (household) rewards
  • Food and grocery rewards
  • Fashion rewards
  • Lifestyle rewards
  • Travel rewards
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • ... and MORE

Accessing the VodaBucks Store is easy, just go to the My Vodacom App within the VodaBucks Rewards Programme menu.

How can I use my VodaBucks to make purchases?

You are able to purchase products and services through different payment methods. In the VodaBucks Store, payment methods include:

  • Credit card payments;
  • Airtime (on GSM purchases only)
  • VodaBucks only; and/or
  • Combination of VodaBucks plus credit/cheque card

Partial payments are allowed within the VodaBucks Store but will be governed in line with the VodaBucks Rewards Programme rules (i.e. payment options of products and services within the VodaBucks Store remain at the discretion of Vodacom, with the only universal payment option being VodaBucks):

  • VodaBucks combination with cash/credit or cheque payment will always be presented
  • You cannot decide the VodaBucks and cash combination you want to opt for, this will always be predefined in line with the rules of the rewards programme.

What is the redemption rate of VodaBucks?

You will be able to redeem VodaBucks on selected items in the VodaBucks Store at a redemption rate set in line with the VodaBucks Rewards Programme rules as set by Vodacom at its discretion.

VodaBucks Store merchandise and stock

The items sold in the VodaBucks Store include physical goods and coupons (which expire after a certain period of time which will be communicated to you via SMS).

Items available for purchase in the VodaBucks Store are subject to availability and offerings are subject to change. If you purchase/order an item that is not in stock (and no replacement is possible), we will inform you within seven (7) working days and you will receive a full refund.

Items available through the VodaBucks Store are detailed in the product description. Any additional items or features included in the product image are not included in the purchase. Once you have made a purchase, you will receive a notification SMS which will say which of our strategic partners will fulfil the order.

Most items offered in the VodaBucks Store are not owned by Vodacom and are provided by a network of strategic partners. Due to this and where necessary, you will be required to direct any product queries or complaints to our partners accordingly.

Where can my order be delivered to?

VodaBucks Store delivers within the borders of South Africa.

Delivery timelines and information

Deliveries take place weekdays (Monday to Friday), between 08h00 and 17h00.

Items will be delivered within ten (10) working days. However, an exact date or time of delivery cannot be guaranteed and VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom will not be held liable for any costs related to late delivery.

TOP TIP: Coupons are sent via SMS directly to your designated cellular phone number and therefore won't be delivered to a physical address as per physical merchandise.

When purchasing an item, you need to ensure that the correct delivery address and contact details are provided to ensure a smooth delivery process.

You will receive an SMS detailing when the delivery should take place. It is your responsibility to ensure that you, or someone else, will be available to receive the item at the address provided. If the courier cannot get hold of you at the delivery address, on two (2) separate occasions, the order/s will be cancelled and a refund will be initiated. Please note that VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom will not be held liable for damages to the item when opening or using the item.

Can I get a refund?

Items purchased through the VodaBucks Store may be returned at no cost and will be fully refunded in the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect item/s delivered
  • Item/s is damaged before or during delivery 
  • Item/s purchased is out of stock
  • No correct size available for the required item/s bought 
  • Item/s is defective due to factory fault

If the item is unwanted, it can still be returned and refunded, however, you will incur the cost of the courier. The refund will be processed and refunded into your account between seven (7) to fourteen (14) working days.

Can I get a replacement?

VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom cannot guarantee a replacement of damaged items or correctly-sized clothing items. When replacements are unavailable, you will be notified and a refund will be processed within seven (7) working days. 

You have seven (7) working days from the date of delivery to log the return. VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom will not accept any returns after seven (7) days.

To log a return, you will need to contact Customer Care on 082 135. A Customer Care agent will then contact the courier (RAM or respective courier company where fulfilment was done by our partners) to collect the item/s from you within seven (7) workings days, depending on your selected return option. Please note that no refunds will be made for coupon (purchases) that had a validity period which have subsequently expired.

Returns will only be accepted by the VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom if the item is in the following condition:

  • Original condition upon delivery
  • Unused or unopened
  • In or repackaged in its original packaging

Upon collection, VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom has the right to refuse an item that does not meet the above conditions.

If the item is in a suitable condition to be returned, your VodaBucks will be returned to your Banked VodaBucks wallet from which the purchase was made. This will take up to seven (7) business days from when the courier company confirms and accepts the return.

Flights and holiday packages purchased through the VodaBucks Store cannot be returned or refunded. VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom is not liable for any costs incurred due to cancellation or changes to booking dates.

How do coupons work?

Coupons cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash and they expire after a certain period of time which will be communicated to you via SMS. In addition to this, VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom reserves the right to terminate or expire coupons at any time and at their own discretion.

If there are any issues regarding your coupon not being received, please call Customer Care on 082 135. Once the issue has been confirmed, you will receive your correct coupon within the seven (7) working days. Redemption of coupons will be governed by the terms related to the specific offer and/or partner.

Specific Terms and Conditions for strategic partners and/or retailers:

Terms and conditions: Big Save -http://www.bigsave.co.za/assets/documents/t&c.PDF

Terms and conditions: Camelot - https://www.camelotspa.co.za/policies

Terms and conditions: Cellini - https://www.celliniluggage.co.za/terms-conditions/

Terms and conditions: Dis-Chem - https://www.dischem.co.za/site-terms-and-conditions

Terms and conditions: Flook - https://www.flook.co.za/terms-and-conditions

TOP TIP: Note that all purchases relating to merchandise provided by Flook (various lifestyle offers including fashion brands, experiences and travel offers) will be loaded in the VodaBucks Store as a coupon and will therefore not attract or have a delivery fee. Once you have completed your purchase, you will immediately receive an SMS notification from VodaBucks Store and/or Vodacom with a link that you will use to get your items delivered through Flook's website. At this point, a delivery fee will be required. Please take note that the delivery fee will only be applicable once you conclude your purchase on the partner website.

Terms and conditions: KAUAI - https://kauai.co.za/terms-privacy/

Terms and conditions: FlightSite - https://travel.flightsite.co.za/terms-and-conditions/

Terms and conditions: Nando's - https://www.nandos.co.za/terms-of-service

Terms and conditions: Netflorist  - https://www.netflorist.co.za/Terms_and_Conditions.htm

Terms and conditions: NuMetro - https://numetro.co.za/terms-and-conditions/

Terms and conditions: OneDayOnly - https://www.onedayonly.co.za/terms-and-conditions

Terms and conditions: Pick n Pay - https://www.pnp.co.za/terms-and-conditions

Terms and conditions: PUMA - https://za.puma.com/terms-and-conditions.html

Terms and conditions: Shaw Academy - https://www.shawacademy.com/terms/

Terms and conditions: Sorbet - https://www.sorbet.co.za/terms-conditions/

Terms and conditions: Steers - https://steers.co.za/terms-and-conditions

Terms and conditions: Sweep South - https://sweepsouth.com/terms/

Terms and conditions: Uber - https://www.uber.com/legal/en/document/?name=general-terms-of-use&country=south-africa&lang=en

Terms and conditions: wiGroup (Fulfilment Partner)- https://www.wigroupinternational.com/terms-and-conditions

Please note: the following partners will only allow redemption of a maximum of 4 codes per customer, per day:

  •  Hungry Lion
  •  Debonairs
  •  Wimpy
  •  Nando’s
  •  Kauai
  •  Pick n Pay
  •  Netflorist
  •  Bounce
  •  Sportsmans Warehouse
  •  Burger King
  •  Milky Lane
  •  Fishaways
  •  Krispy Kreme
  •  Vodacom Shop
  •  Vodacom 4U

Voice, data and social media data bundle rewards

Voice, SMS and data bundle rewards will be allocated immediately to Prepaid, Postpaid and Top-Up customers.

Bundles will be available to use from allocation (within any specified usage period) and will expire as per the bundle's validity period.

Unused reward bundles will expire and there will be no carry over or refund, with the exception of data bundles where applicable (as per existing rules regarding data bundle rollover).

Reward bundles cannot be transferred to other customers, with the exception of data bundles where applicable (as per existing rules regarding data bundle transfer).

Any usage that falls outside the specified usage period or after the bundle is depleted, will be billed at the customer's applicable price plan rates. 

Vodacom voice minute bundles will specify usage, whether for Vodacom to Vodacom (VC-VC) calls or calls to any South African Network (Any Network).

The following call types are excluded from the Vodacom voice minute bundles: 

  • Conference and video calls to other networks;
  • Call Sponsor: International & roaming calls, Premium rated calls;
  • Value Added Service (VAS) Calls;
  • Call Forwarding;
  • Directory Enquiry;
  • Reconnect Calls Reverse Charge calls General Through Connect (to other networks), Service calls;
  • Message forwarding. 

Vodacom SMS reward bundles can be used for sending SMS to national destinations including "SMS to email" but cannot be sent to international or premium rated numbers or services. One (1) SMS is equivalent to 160 characters, including spaces.

Data sessions initiated within the specified usage period but terminated outside of the period will deplete from the data reward bundle until the last minute of the stated bundle validity period and the remainder of the session will be billed from an existing active data bundle or at the specified out-of-bundle rate applicable to the customer's price plan.

Prepaid and Top-Up customers converting to Postpaid price plans or vice versa will not be able to retain their allocated voice minutes, data or SMS reward bundles once the conversion is successfully completed.

Social media bundles must be used on the specified sites (Facebook, YouTube) in the specified time period for the specified validity period. Usage on these sites outside of these rules will incur costs.