Terms and Conditions Recurring Data Bundles

The following terms and conditions apply to any Recurring Data bundles.

  1. You may only purchase and use the Recurring Data bundles ("Recurring Bundles") if you are a Contract, Top Up or Prepaid customer.
  2. You may purchase the Recurring Bundles through the following self-service channels.
  • USSD *135#
  • My Vodacom App
  • Vodapay App
  • Vodacom.co.za
  • Customer Care 082135
  • Vodacom Shops
  1. You may activate and deactivate the Recurring Bundles at any time. The following will apply:
  • As a Prepaid customer your charges are deducted from airtime or credit card, the bundle is valid for 30 days upon purchase, and will be allocated every 30 days until such time that you opt out of the service.
  • As a Contract and Top Up customer, your charge will be added to your monthly bill. If you activate a recurring bundle in the middle of a calendar month, and there is no existing recurring bundle active, the data will be pro-rated for the remainder of that month; thereafter the full data allocation of the recurring bundle will be allocated on the 1st day of every subsequent calendar month until such time that you opt out of the service.
  1. The Bundles will be allocated to you at the time of activation. As a prepaid customer, Vodacom will attempt to deduct the price of the bundle from your prepaid airtime for 60 consecutive days, from the day the Bundle is to be reallocated. Should you not have sufficient airtime, you will be reminded to recharge with sufficient airtime via SMS for seven consecutive days after due date.
  2. If all 60 attempts are returned unpaid, your bundle subscription will be automatically cancelled.
  3. You can only have one active Recurring Bundle at a time. 
  4. Recurring Bundles will follow the First in First Out order of consumption. In the case of a Recurring Bundles being active on an integrated price plan, such as RED Flexi, Core or VIP; the offer default data bundle that forms part of the price plan will be consumed first before any other data bundles.
  5. If you purchased a data bundle and the bundle expires before the bundle is depleted, data usage will continue at the out of bundle rate, applicable to the tariff.
  6. If you have an active bundle that has depleted but not expired, all data usage will be stopped by default or, you will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if you have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges.
  7. You can purchase unlimited once-Off Mobile Internet data bundles.
  8. Recurring Bundles tariffs do not apply to data roaming.
  9. Data transfer will apply, whereby you could transfer the bundle to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details: Data Transfer Terms and Conditions | Vodacom
  10. Postpaid and Hybrid Recurring Bundles are valid for a calendar month and will roll over for 1 additional calendar month free of charge.
  11. Prepaid Recurring Bundles follow a 30-day cycle from date of activation/payment and upon successful allocation of the next cycle, the previous 30-day allocation will roll over by 30 days.
  12. You may opt – out of any future Recurring Bundle allocations to you. When you opt out of receiving the Recurring Bundles, bundles that have already been allocated to you will not be forfeited and will remain active until 23:59 of the validity date.
  13. You will only be able to opt out 3 days prior to the date of expiry of the Recurring Bundles that have been allocated to you, any attempt to opt-out before or after this period will result in an unsuccessful opt out.
  14. You may opt out in the following ways:
  • Dial *135*140#
  • Contact Customer Care via 082 135.
  • Vodacom Online.
  1. The prepaid Recurring Bundles will not be allocated any Night Owl Data.
  2. Your bundle usage will be based on the volume of data you send and receive, and not on the amount of time you spend connected to the Internet.
  3. Vodacom may amend Recurring Bundle prices by providing you with reasonable notice prior to any price increase.
  4. Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material Vodacom shall provide you with reasonable prior written notice before implementing such change.