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WhatsApp Ticket

Terms and Conditions

By participating in this WhatsApp Ticket offer, you agree to these terms and conditions:

  1. This WhatsApp Ticket offers customers access to WhatsApp messaging App, send and receive messages, videos and audio files via WhatsApp
  2. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate or extend the WhatsApp Ticket offer period at any time and for whatsoever reason.
  3. The offer is exclusive to all Vodacom customers, Prepaid, Top Up and Contracts, new and existing. 
  4. The following prices will apply:


WhatsApp Price

WhatsApp Bundle




1 Day



1 Day



3 Days



7 Days



30 Days



  1. This service excludes voice calling and video calling.
  2. To redeem the WhatsApp Ticket, customers must dial *123*43# or *135#, option 2 and then open option 5 (Vodacom Ticket).  
  3. The customer can buy as many Tickets as they wish. However, customers will not be able to buy a bundle whilst they have an existing one (the same one) still running. However, once the bundle is depleted the customers will be able to purchase a new one even if they have not yet reached the end of the bundle duration.
  4. When you have Ticket activated, all WhatsApp data will be consumed first before any other bundle that you may be have.
  5. WhatsApp Ticket cannot be used whilst a customer is on international roaming.
  6. WhatsApp Ticket cannot be transferred.
  7. WhatsApp Ticket will have no associated out-of-bundle rate.
  8. For Vodacom Ticket terms and conditions here http://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/promotions/vodacom-ticket
  9. Each subscriber will get, once off access to Prime Time, valid for 30 days when purchasing an open market WhatsApp bundle. This offer will not be available when a subscriber purchases:
    • Any promotional WhatsApp bundles, and/or
    • The 1 Hour WhatsApp bundle is also excluded.
    • If a subscriber purchases an additional WhatsApp bundle within the 30 day Prime Time access validity, they will not be entitled to a further allocation of Prime Time access.
    • If a subscriber purchases any qualifying WhatsApp bundle after the already allocated access to Prime Time has expired, Vodacom will grant the subscriber access to Prime Time for a further 30 days.
    • To find out about Prime Time please follow the link:  www.videoplay.co.za/primetime