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Top Up Value

Terms & Conditions

  1. In the case of Top Up Value you accept and acknowledge the following:

    1. The subscription fee will be due and payable to Vodacom (Pty) Ltd by you as indicated on the invoice received from Vodacom (Pty) Ltd each and every month. 

    2. Upon successful debit order submission, monthly airtime will only be allocated on confirmation of payment. This is done on the first day of each month for the duration of your Vodacom Contract Agreement whilst on a Top Up Value plan. Should your debit order be unsuccessful, we will notify you by way of SMS on the first day of each month and you will need to recharge until your next debit order date the following month.  

    3. In the event of three (3) unsuccessful debit orders, Vodacom may at their discretion convert you back to prepaid, cancel your contract and debit order. In the event this happens, you will be given a calendar months' notice before the conversion takes place. You will be converted back to the Vodacom4Less default prepaid tariff plan where you shall be entitled to free change to any other available prepaid tariff of your choosing. 

    4. You shall be entitled to recharge your prepaid account at any time by utilizing any of Vodacom's existing recharge mechanisms on such terms and conditions applicable to such recharges.   

  2. Each month for the duration of the agreement, you shall be entitled to carry over to the following month the;

    1. Unused portion of airtime value accrued pursuant to any additional recharges you may have performed; plus

    2. Any unused portion of the airtime value accrued pursuant to the payment of the subscription fee(s), provided that any such airtime may not exceed the equivalent of 5 (five) times the subscription fees, excluding the current month, or such other period as Vodacom (Pty)Ltd may specify from time to time. 

  3. Top Up Value customers may only purchase once off VAS and bearer service bundles (Voice, SMS, Data and MMS) with no charge to bill services permissible on this Plan.

    1. No migrations will be permissible to any other Price Plans within the first three (3) months of activation. In certain instances, some migrations may be subjected to a penalty fee and credit vetting.

  4. These Terms and Conditions do not replace any other Terms and Conditions, agreements or contracts that exist between you and Vodacom and should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions associated with the Vodacom (Pty) Ltd contract agreement.