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Chat for 30

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note this Chat for 30 Bundle is for voice calls - video calls are excluded.

  2. The bundle excludes Prepaid 79c, Contract customers and Community Services SIMs.

  3. There will be a limited daily number of bundles available for purchase (1 per day)

  4. The bundle entitles customers to seven Chat for 30 bundles per week.

  5. The bundle entitles a customer to 30 minutes' worth of voice airtime  (measured on a per minute basis) on calls made to any South African network between 6am and midnight, on the day a customer purchases the bundle (i.e. Monday to Sundays), subject to these terms, conditions and exclusions.

  6. Each Chat for 30 bundle costs R10 (incl. VAT).

  7. Once a customer has used up the 30 voice minutes they will begin paying again for voice calls made at their current price plan rate. Thus, if a customer's Chat for 30 bundle runs out while on a call, the customer will be billed at their applicable tariffs

  8. If a subscriber has a Power Hour and Chat for 30 bundle the following consumption rules will apply:

    1. Calls to Vodacom numbers will deplete from the Power Hour bundle first, then the Chat for 30 bundle

    2. Calls to other local networks will deplete from the Chat for 30 bundle

  9. All unused minutes will expire every day at midnight.

  10. The following call types qualify for Chat for 30:

    1. On-net (Vodacom to Vodacom) voice calls

    2. Off-net (Vodacom to local networks) voice calls 

    3. Callback (on-net and off-net)

    4. Call forwarding (on-net and off-net)

    5. Through-Connect to (on-net and off-net)

    6. Conference Call (on-net and off-net)

  11. The following call types are excluded from the service:

    • Roaming Calls

    • International calls

    • Premium rated calls

    • Call sponsor

    • VAS calls

    • Reverse Charge

    • SMS, MMS, Data, SVS

    • General Service calls

    • Directory Enquiry calls

    • Reconnect

    • Message forwarding

    • Fax Out dial

    • Video Calls (on-net and off-net)