Notification in respect of a Privacy Breach of Personal Information

Vodacom Fibre, a division of Vodacom (Pty) Ltd, has been made aware that some of the personal information you provided to one of our service providers - Real Promotions - has been compromised. An unauthorised third party has accessed the servers of Real Promotions, who sells fibre products and services on behalf of a number of fibre providers, including Vodacom Fibre. Real Promotions has since fixed the issue and has assured us that all measures have been taken so that no one else can access this information from their server. Real Promotions has informed us that the information accessed includes first and last name, email address, Identity Document (ID) number, a copy of the ID, postal address and physical address.

Vodacom Fibre assures you that the information accessed does not include any passwords and does not include information related to any other Vodacom services you may have. The security of our customers' information remains our top priority and we sincerely regret that this has happened. Vodacom and Real Promotions have reported the incident to the Information Regulator and remain committed to working with all relevant authorities.

In order to protect yourself, we kindly request that you exercise vigilance when performing any online transactions and take extra steps to monitor and review all your account activity. In addition, we recommend that you take the following measures to protect your personal information:

  1. Keep track of your personal information for any signs of fraudulent activities

  2. Remain vigilant by reviewing all accounts including bank statements for any unknown activity

  3. Remain vigilant for phishing email or sms. Always take a moment to review emails and texts, and don't be pushed into an immediate action - like clicking or sharing information. If in doubt, never click links or open attachments.

  4. If you have reasonable suspicion of identity theft and impersonation, please report to the Southern

African Fraud Prevention Service on their emergency hotline by calling 011 867 2234 or online at

Additionally, please be vigilant and always remember to never disclose personal information such as password and PIN numbers when asked to do so by anyone via telephone, text messages or mail. Change your passwords regularly - it is best not to reuse passwords across different sites and never share your passwords with anyone else. If anyone asks you for personal information, always confirm there is a legitimate reason for them to do so before sharing any information. We will notify you if there are any additional actions that you may need to take.

Possible consequences of this breach

As a result of most data breaches there is a risk of (i) identity theft; (ii) your personal information being sold and used to commit fraud; (iii) you receiving unwarranted unsolicited marketing messages and calls; (iv) you may also receive phishing emails.

The Identity of the persons who have accessed the personal information

At this stage we are not aware of the identity of unauthorised persons that accessed your personal information, without authority.

Measures to address the breach

Real Promotions have implemented the following measures to address the breach:

  1. Appointed independent cyber security forensic specialists

  2. Access to the system that was compromised was closed off after the discovery of the breach

  3. The systems are being closely monitored

We want to reassure you that we take the privacy and security of your personal information seriously and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If there is anything that we can do to assist or provide more clarification, kindly email [email protected].