Changes to our Price Plans

2019 has been off to an exciting start, and we have you to thank for your continued support. As the best network for consumers*, we work tirelessly to ensure that you not only enjoy a superior network experience, but also have access to an extended range of products and services to keep you connected to all the things you need and love at the best value.

Over the past three years, Vodacom has reduced effective data prices by more than 40%, in continuing to deliver real value to customers, we are proud to announce that out-of-bundle rates have been reduced by up to 70%, from 1 March 2019.

Further enhancements to our service include free roll over of data on like-to-like packages for contract and hybrid customers as well as new features that ensure uninterrupted connectivity to our network such as Data Refil, an opt-in, worry-free service that auto-allocates a 30c/MB safety bundle in the event that data is depleted, ensuring you never go out of bundle.

Customers will also be able to transfer data that is about to expire to friends and family on the Vodacom network for fees ranging from free for 50MB up to a maximum of R20 for 1GB.

We have developed a number of tools and information that allow you to be in total control of your data. To learn more about how to take control of your data visit

Vodacom has absorbed some of the inflationary impacts on its operations by containing increases on certain contract packages and value added services at below 2018’s inflation rate. This below-inflation average increase on prepaid, hybrid and contracts will come into effect on 1 April 2019 as per table below

Our customer services team are on standby to assist with any queries, please contact Vodacom’s Customer Care on 082 135 or 082 1940 if you are a Vodacom Business customer.

To view details of the revised prices, click on the tab below

Top up/uChoose and contract pricing

 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
NXT LVLR221.00R229.00
NXT LVL Sim OnlyR131.00R139.00
Smart XSR151.00R159.00
SMART XS+R171.00R179.00
Smart SR211.00R219.00
Smart S+R252.00R259.00
SMART S+R299.00R309.00
Smart MR322.00R329.00
Smart M+R363.00R379.00
SMART M+R499.00R519.00
Smart LR534.00R559.00
Smart L+R595.00R619.00
SMART L+R729.00R759.00
Smart XLR746.00R779.00
Smart XL+R817.00R849.00


More Data
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Smart More Data 2GB (50mins)R353.00R369.00
Smart More Data 4GB (50mins)R554.00R579.00
Smart More Data 6GB (75mins)R706.00R729.00
Smart More Data 1GBR269.00R279.00
Smart More Data 2GB (150mins)R399.00R409.00
Smart More Data 4GB (150mins)R549.00R569.00
RED More Data 6GBR699.00R729.00
Red More Data 10GBR1 099.00R1 139.00
RED More Data 25GBR1 599.00R1 659.00
RED More Data 50GBR2 099.00R2 179.00
Red Top Up Data 6GBR759.00R789.00
uChoose More Data 2GBR373.00R389.00
uChoose More Data 4GBR574.00R599.00
uChoose More Data 6GBR736.00R769.00


 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Red AdvantageR1 008.00R1 049.00
Red SELECT+R1 008.00R1 049.00
RED Classic+R1 109.00R1 049.00
RED CLASSIC+R1 311.00R1 359.00
Red PremiumR1 614.00R1 679.00
Red Premium+R1 714.00R1 779.00
Red VIPR2 017.00R2 099.00
RED VIP+R2 118.00R2 199.00


Smart Top Up
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
RED SELECT TOP UP XL+R1 109.00R1 149.00
SMART TOP UP XS+R181.00R189.00
Smart TOP UP S+R272.00R279.00
SMART TOP UP S+R329.00R339.00
Smart TOP UP M+R393.00R409.00
SMART TOP UP M+R529.00R549.00
Smart TOP UP L+R625.00R649.00
SMART TOP UP L+R759.00R789.00
Smart Top Up XL+ (RED Select TopUp+)R857.00R889.00
Smart Top Up Data 1GBR299.00R309.00
Smart Top Up Data 2GBR439.00R459.00
Smart Top Up Data 4GBR599.00R619.00
uChoose Smart XSR161.00R169.00
uChoose Smart SR232.00R239.00
Choose Smart MR353.00R369.00
uChoose Smart LR585.00R609.00
uChoose Smart XLR817.00R849.00


12 Months Data Contracts (Incl Top Up)
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
My Gig 5R252.00R262.00
My Gig 10R383.00R398.00
My Gig 20R554.00R576.00
My Gig 30R655.00R681.00
My Gig 50R958.00R996.00
My Gig 100R1 260.00R1 310.00

Business Pricing

Mobile Voice Price Plans

Red for Business+ (Contract)
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Red Value+R1 109.00R1 149.00
Red Business+R1 412.00R1 469.00
Red Professional+R1 815.00R1 889.00
Red Executive+R2 219.00R2 309.00


Red for Business
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Red BusinessR1 109.00R1 149.00
Red ProfessionalR1 714.00R1 779.00
Red ExecutiveR2 118.00R2 199.00


Business uChoose (Top Up)
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
uChoose Smart XXLR1 109.00R1 149.00
uChoose Flexi 1000R1 009.00R1 050.00
uChoose Flexi 1500R1 514.00R1 550.00

Value Added Services

Caller Line Identity
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Caller Line Identity SubscriptionR9.60R9.99
Caller Line Identity Subscription+R11.10R11.55


Itemised Billing
 Current price (VAT incl.)New price (VAT incl.)
Itemised BillingR14.25R14.85
Top Up Itemised BillingR14.25R14.85

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