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Power Pack

Terms And Conditions


  1. To access the bundles you can dial *135# from your Power Pack sim and follow "Buy Power Bundles".

  2. Night Owl data used between midnight and 5am.

  3. Power Bundles including voice minutes are for Vodacom to Vodacom calls.

  4. Recurring bundles can be opted out by dialing *135*35# and following the prompts to opt out.

  5. The recurring bundle subscription will continue to attempt renewal every day after their expiry date until you opt out.

  6. You can have multiple recurring subscriptions running simultaneously.

Free Funeral Cover 

  1. Upon every purchase of R59 or more bundle you will qualify for free funeral cover to the value of R5000 for yourself.

  2. Dial *135*831# on your Power Pack sim and follow the steps to register and add a beneficiary.

  3. Once you have registered your cover will start on the 1st of the new month.

  4. You will need to be buying a minimum R50 Power Bundle to retain your cover. There is a grace period of 30 days should you miss a bundle purchase.

  5. You will be notified via SMS should your cover be terminated.

  6. You must have a valid South African Identity Document and must be between 18 and 60 to be eligible for cover.

  7. We will not pay out if your death is a result of suicide, deliberate involvement in an illegal act, riot, civil commotion, terrorist attack, or war.

  8. The Vodacom Funeral Cover will pay out into your estate unless you provide us with details of your beneficiary. You can update your beneficiary details by dialing *135*831#. 

  9. You can review your benefit by dialing *135*831#. 

  10. If you have any questions on this Vodacom Funeral Cover, call us on 082 178 00. You can also visit us at www.vodacom.co.za/insurance for any other information you may need.

100% Bonus Airtime

  1. When you recharge with Vodacom Express Recharge via debit or credit card via *135*02# or on the My Vodacom App through Masterpass you will receive 100% Bonus Airtime valid for the day.

  2. This will be available for a promotional period only.


  1. This price plan is only available to Prepaid sims excluding Community Service and CST Management SIMS.

  2. This price plan does not accrue Bonus Airtime on recharges unless done via Express Recharge or Masterpass.

  3. WhatsApp bundles exclude video calling and voice calling.

  4. All prepaid numbers porting in to Vodacom, regardless of type of starter pack will automatically be ported onto the Power Pack tariff.

  5. Calls will be unitised per second (1/1).

  6. The out of bundle rates for this price plan are as follows:



    Peak (7am - 8pm)

    Off-Peak (8pm - 7am)


    Data (out of bundle rate)

    VC* to VC

    VC to other networks

    VC to VC

    VC to other networks


    Off Peak


    Price Plan

    1/1 (per  second)










  7. The following call types will not qualify for R1.55c call rate Specified rate for each call type below applies:  

    1. Roaming calls

    2. Premium rated calls

    3. SVS calls

    4. International calls

    5. VAS calls

    6. Fax Out Dial

    7. All balances will be available via existing balance enquiry:

    8. *135#,  includes Summary, Detailed and Promotional balance checks

  8.  Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material, Vodacom will provide you with reasonable prior written notice before implementing any such change.