Norton Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Pro-rata billing applied 

  2. Cancellation and suspension can only happen via Vodacom channels and not via Norton 

  3. Cancellation terms for standalone VAS require 1 calendar month notice to cancel i.e. 30 days notice. 

  4. Cancellation for bundled offerings will follow the rules of the service that has been bundled with. 

  5. Accounts will be suspended for non-payment on recurring 

  6. Customers can add any number of products and in any combinations 

  7. Renewals and additions will have to happen via one of the Vodacom channels 

  8. Customers will have to register on the Norton portal to manage their licenses (if more than 1 license needs to be managed) 

  9. Vodacom will not support licenses that are not purchased via a Vodacom channel 

  10. For Bundled deals, VAS items can be removed without affecting the base product 

  11. For Bundled deals, base product can be removed without affecting a VAS item

  12. Bundled items (VAS included in the offering) cancellation will also cancel the VAS