My 5

Terms And Conditions 

  1. My 5 bundles are available to Vodacom Prepaid customers on Vodacom4Less, Anytime per Second and Daily Free Calls (or already on 4U, All Day Per Minute, All Day Per Second, Day Saver, Per Second Plus or Vodago) and Vodacom Top Up customers on any of the uChoose Smart or uChoose Flexi plans. 

  2. My 5 bundles are not available to Contract, Community Service and CST Management SIM's. 

  3. You can buy multiple My 5 bundles in a day, but all remaining balances not depleted by midnight (23:59:59) will expire and there will be no carry over. Balances can be checked by dialling *135*5# and selecting Balances.

  4. My 5 bundles include the following allocations and are priced as set out below: 

    BundleMinuteAllocation DataAllocation Price(incl. VAT)
    Talk 60 mins60 minutesNoneR6.30
    Talk 60 mins + 10MB Internet60 minutes10MBR8.10
    Talk 60 mins + 30MB Internet60 minutes30MBR12.00


uChoose Smart or Flexi plan Customers: 

  1. My 5 Talk bundle minutes can only be used for calls made to linked, on-net numbers, and will deplete per minute.

  2. Once the 60 minute bundle has been depleted, calls to linked numbers will again be charged at your price plan call rates until you buy another bundle.

  3. Conference Calls to linked numbers are allowed using My 5 minutes, and will deplete as per Conference Call rules. 

  4. All other calls to non-linked and off-net numbers will be billed at the customer's current call rates.

    1. Roaming Calls    

    2. VAS calls    

    3. Airtime Transfer    

    4. Premium rated calls

    5. International calls    

    6. Call Sponsor    

    7. Fax Out dial

  5. The following voice call types will not deplete from the My 5 bundle minutes: 

  6. Upon purchasing either of the My 5 Talk and Internet bundles you will also receive a data allocation to use on the day of purchase.

  7. Once you have depleted the 10MB or 30MB bundle, data usage will deplete from any other valid data bundle, or revert to the default data rate of 49c per MB (incl VAT). 

Linking Friends 

  1. Before buying your first My 5 bundle, you must link to at least one (and up to five) Vodacom numbers, that can be Prepaid, Top Up or Contract customers. To do this dial *135*5# and select Add Friends.

  2. You can change one linked number once per day, but no changes can be made while you have an active voice bundle. 

  3. If you do not buy a My 5 bundle for 7 days, your linked numbers may be removed on day 8. The next time you buy a My 5 bundle you will first need to link a Vodacom number.

  4. If you link a Vodacom number that is already set as a Call Sponsor number, calls to this customer will first deplete from My 5 voice minutes and then Call Sponsor rules will apply. 

  5. If a linked Vodacom number ports off the network, this number will be removed from your links and you will be notified by SMS. 

Other Promotions

  1. Any accumulated loyalty Talking Points and SMS/Data/MMS bundles will be unaffected when purchasing a My 5 Bundle. 

  2. Customers who qualify for the Night Shift Recharge Promotion or Everyday Extra Recharge Promotion on recharges of R12 or more are also allowed to purchase a My 5 Bundle. 


  1. This is a Consumer product and may only be used by an end-user (that is a natural person) to make calls to another end-user (that is a natural person), with the intention to facilitate a personal communication between such end-users

  2. My 5 bundles may not be used for commercial purposes. Any use of this offer outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non-commercial use, and in instances through mechanisms and means not intended for personal use or the anticipated purpose of the offer, will be considered as abuse. 

  3. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of suspected abuse where non-compliant devices as specified by the regulating body ICASA are being used on the Vodacom network.