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Mobile Broad Band Once Off Bundles Terms

Terms and conditions

  1. Once-off MBB data bundles will be available to the following customer types:
    1. 12 & 24 -month Mobile Broad Band Contract and Top Up price plans
  2. The Once-Off MBB data bundles will be available through the following self-service channels;
    1. USSD (*135#)
    2. Vodacom Online and App
    3. Customer Care  (082 135)
    4. Vodacom Shops
  3. Below are the Once-Off MBB bundle data allocation and prices

Total Data

Anytime Data

Night Owl






30 Day





30 Day





30 Day


  1. Contract and Top Up customers on a 12- or 24-month MBB data contract may purchase one or more Mobile Broadband Once-Off data bundle/s.
  2. All Mobile Broad Band Once-Off data bundle pricing includes VAT.
  3. Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time you spend connected.
  4. Mobile Broad Band Once-Off data bundles are valid up to 24:00 on the 30th day from and including the day of purchase.
  5. Customers can extend the validity of their MBB once-off data bundle by purchasing another MBB once-off bundle of the same size before the initial bundle has expired. This will extend the validity of the initial bundle to that of the second bundle that was purchased.
  6. Once a MBB once-off data bundle is depleted and there is no other applicable data bundle remaining all data usage will be stopped by default. Customers will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if they have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges. If a MBB once-off data bundle expires before the allocation is depleted, data usage will continue at 49c/MB.
  7. MBB once-off data bundles can be transferred to applicable Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details:
  8. MBB once-off data bundles will utilised after bundles that were bought before it are depleted. Please note that in the instance that shorter validity bundles are bought after the MBB once-off data bundles Vodacom may allow these bundles to be depleted first, depending on which bundle expires first.
  9. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.
  10. SMS messages are charged at R0.80c during peak times R0.35c during off-peak times. MMS messages are charged at R0.80c during all times. Respective SMS & MMS bundled rates apply if applicable.
  11. Bundles and tariffs only apply to standard APNs.
  12. Mobile Broad Band Once-Off data bundles do not apply to data roaming.
  13. Night Owl Data does not get allocated to Mobile Broad Band Once-Off data bundles.
  14. No pro-ration is applied, the full allocation is always received, and the full charge is always applied.
  15. Customers will receive applicable data usage notifications for usage of their MBB data bundles in combination with any other general data bundles active in their account, if applicable.

The MBB Journey Enhancement (My Vodacom App)

This service "feature" allows for convenient and seamless linking of MBB data sims through a Wi-Fi network. This will conveniently enable you to view your MSISDN and purchase data bundles via the My Vodacom App. Please see terms and conditions below:

  1.  This feature is available to Hybrid and Postpaid customers.

  2. This feature is available to new and existing Vodacom customers.

  3. If you're a new customer then:

    1. You need to download the "my Vodacom App" on your respective app store (Android: Google Play & IOS: App Store).

    2. Once app is downloaded, you need to create a Vodacom profile & link your MSISDN using the header enrichment feature.

  4.  If you're an existing customer then:

    1. You need to have the "my Vodacom App" on your cellular device.

    2. You need to link your data contract MSISDN to your existing Vodacom online profile using header enrichment.

  5. Once your profile has been set up, you need to establish a WIFI connection with your modem.

  6.  Once the WIFI connection has been established you will be prompted to click on the "Link Number" button that will retrieve your data sim MSISDN.

  7. Once you retrieve your MSISDN, you will be requested to confirm the presented MSISDN by clicking on the "Link Data Sim" button.

  8. It is your responsibility to ensure that your MSISDN is kept confidential.

  9. Once you have confirmed your MSISDN, then you will be redirected to the homepage of the "my Vodacom App", where you will be able to seamlessly and conveniently purchase data bundles and monitor data usage.

  10. You are at risk to expose the data contract MSISDN when you share your WIFI password to any external parties. Kindly note you are at risk if the external party has the "my Vodacom App".

  11. Vodacom is not liable for any additional connections to your WIFI modem.

  12. Vodacom is not liable for multiple accounts/profiles linked to your Data Sim MSISDN.

Termination/Limitation of Services

  1.  Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the Service in the event of suspected abuse or fraudulent usage, outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non-commercial use.

  2. Vodacom reserves the right to limit the Service in regions or areas where there is limited network capacity (high congestion) in order to maintain consistent quality of service.

  3.  Vodacom reserves the right to alter or terminate the Service in order to prevent catastrophic impact on the network.

  4.  While Vodacom will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Service, it does not commit to the uninterrupted supply of the Service, due to potential capacity limitations on the network.

  5. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend, cancel or convert the Service with reasonable notice.

Vodacom reserves the right to change and/ or expand on these terms and conditions and will provide reasonable notice of any material changes prior to such change as and when the circumstances permit.