Linking Indemnity

Indemnity: "I confirm that the cellphone number I am trying to link is owned and used by myself and that I am not fraudulently attempting to link a cellphone number owned by another person."

Terms and conditions: By proceeding, you hereby indemnify Vodacom against any loss, liability of whatsoever nature that may result to any person alleging that the linking resulted in an infringement of such person's rights.

The SIM card of the cellphone number to be linked must be owned and be in possession of the person attempting to register/link it to their own online profile.

The SIM card of the cellphone number must be registered for RICA before it can be registered or linked to an online profile. 

The SIM card of the cellphone number to be linked must be RICA registered with the same ID/passport number of the person who registered the Vodacom online profile and who is requesting the linking. 

If the cellphone number to be linked already has login details for,, our Online Shop, Vodacom Email or the My Vodacom app, these login details will no longer be valid once that cellphone number is linked. 

Be aware that when linking a cellphone number, that cellphone number will receive an SMS containing the cellphone number belonging to the person who registered the online profile, advising them of the intent to link. 

A cellphone number can be unlinked from an online profile at any time by sending "unlink (and the cellphone number to be unlinked)" in an SMS to 31050.

For example, SMS "unlink 0821111111" to 31050.

Should the linked cellphone number change owners, the new owner of the linked cellphone number can request to be unlinked at any point without the consent of the owner of the Vodacom online profile.

Until the new owner is unlinked, s/he will not be able to register an online profile in his/her own right.