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Terms And Conditions

  1. An eSIM is an embedded SIM card that resides in chip form on a devices electronic circuit board that allows you to connect your device to a mobile network. 

  2. The eSIM cannot be removed from the device, however it can be linked and de-linked from a customer's profile/s in the event of the device being sold, lost or stolen. To do this the customer must contact Vodacom customer care on 082135, free from a Vodacom connected device.

  3. At launch eSIM will only be available for the Samsung Gear watch series with eSIM capability. The service will be extended to other devices in the near future.

  4. At launch a customer can only link 1 eSIM to their Contract profile which will be billed at R25 per month as a monthly recurring Value-Added Service (VAS), this VAS will be automatically activated in the event of a customer activating/linking an eSIM device on their contract. The VAS enables multi ring as well as stand-alone calling, SMS and Data capabilities on the eSIM device regardless of whether the main handset is nearby. The capability to add more than 1 eSIM will become available in the near future.

  5. A R98 once-off connection fee will be applicable to the eSIM service and will be charged once-off upon successful activation of eSIM on a wearable, and added to the monthly bill.

  6. Calls, SMS or Data transactions initiated from the eSIM device will consume from the bundle/s available on the main Contract SIM card, and where no bundles are available, consume at the applicable out of bundle Voice, SMS or Data rate of the contract price plan. Please see your contract price plans Terms and Conditions to view these rates. 

  7. At launch eSIM will only be available to Postpaid/Contract price plans. Hybrid/Flexi/Top Up and Prepaid price plans will not be compatible with eSIM, but this functionality will become available in the near future. 

  8. Should the primary number, with the secondary eSIM linked, port from the Vodacom network to another mobile network; the eSIM service will be removed and connectivity to the Vodacom network via the eSIM will be lost. eSIM will need to be re-setup on the new mobile network where supported.

  9. Should the customer need to do a SIM swap on their primary number they will be required to de-link the eSIM in their wearable device, perform the SIM swap, and then re-link the eSIM on the wearable by scanning their unique QR code again. This can be performed in store at an authorised Vodacom outlet. 

  10. Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material, Vodacom shall provide prior written notice of such change or amendment.

  11. The Vodacom Privacy Statement applies to the use of this product / service.

  12. Unless the context dictates otherwise, the standard Vodacom terms and conditions apply to the use of this product.