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Vodacom eSIM

  • General eSIM Terms and Conditions
  1. Vodacom eSIM is available to all Vodacom customers (Prepaid, Top-up & Post-paid) and customer types (including Vodacom Business customers)
  2. Vodacom eSIM is available at selected Vodacom Shops, approved dealers and additional Business channels listed below
  3. Vodacom Business customers can also procure sims from the Managed Service Desk, if serviced via this channel.
  4. To utilise the Vodacom eSIM, a compatible device is required, this means that the device will need to be eSIM-enabled.
    1. Vodacom eSIM will work on smartphones that are/were sourced (bought/taken through a contract) from Vodacom or bought from another provider within the OEM approved region.
    2. Taking into account that devices are constantly in evolution, it is necessary for customers to check on the smartphone (eSIM) abilities prior to switching to an eSIM or purchasing of an eSIM-enabled device.
    3. Some devices that were sourced outside South Africa may not work with the Vodacom eSIM, this could be as a result of how the device is managed from the source location and also could be as a result of regional based locks. In this case the customer will need to contact the store/location where the device was purchased as Vodacom is not able to make any changes on the device.
  5. The Vodacom eSIM will be available via a QR code (which requires customers to scan in the Add eSIM menu in the device SIM manager settings).
  6. Customers are required to specifically request for an eSIM instead of a plastic/physical SIM card during the sim purchase/activation process.
  7. Vodacom eSIM is available to be used for a new activation or a SIM Swap
    1. New activation refers to the activation of a new Vodacom number or the introduction of an additional number (i.e. add on line) on a post-paid line.
    2. SIM Swap refers to a:
      • Voluntary change of the SIM card type from a plastic/physical SIM to an eSIM.
      • Voluntary change of the device from an eSIM enabled device to another eSIM enabled device (i.e. device upgrade)
      • Involuntary change of the SIM card where the SIM card is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • eSIM Activation
  1. Vodacom eSIM is available from Vodacom branded stores
    1. Where the eSIM is not available at a particular store, you will be advised of the store(s) that you can obtain it from.
    2. As the customer you will need to advise the agent of the SIM preference on purchase of/activating a contract or when managing your SIM swap.
    3. You are able to activate the eSIM at the same channel which the sim was purchased from.
  2. Based on your customer type, if you are a
    1. Prepaid customer:
      • After purchasing the Prepaid eSIM customers will receive two till slips. One is the cash sale slip and the other is the eSIM QR code. The eSIM QR code slip is used for a new eSIM activation or SIM swap (See details below).
      • Customers will be liable for every Prepaid eSIM printed as per request
      • If the eSIM QR code slip is lost, the eSIM will not be able to be reprinted, thus a new one will need to be purchased.
    2. Top-up/Post-paid customer:
      • When requesting an eSIM (for a new activation or SIM swap), the eSIM details will be sent through to the customer’s account linked email address.
      • Should the email address need to be changed, customers will need to follow an in-store change of details process.
      • For new eSIM activations and SIM swaps: In the event that customers delete or lose the email containing the eSIM QR code details, Vodacom agents (in-store/contact centre) will be able to resend the email to the linked email address.
      • SIM Swaps: In the event that customers delete or lose the confirmation code SMS, Vodacom agents (in-store/contact centre) will be able to resend the confirmation code to the linked number/email address.
      • For Vodacom Business customers:
  1. Only authorised users in an organisation can request for eSIM activations and sim swaps – Corporate Administrators.
  2. If a user has a K account, KI account or has self-service privileges then they are able to perform all eSIM related requests.
  1. Prior to sourcing/downloading a Vodacom eSIM onto a smartphone, customers need to ensure that the smartphone is on the latest software as the eSIM menu option may not be visible on outdated smartphone software.
  2. Where an eSIM is obtained for :
    1. A new activation: Customers will need to complete the RICA process prior to scanning the eSIM QR code.
    2. A SIM Swap: Customers need to ensure that that they have submitted the SIM swap request and it has been completed before scanning the eSIM QR code.
  3. Vodacom post-paid and top-up (including Vodacom Business) customers will follow existing processes with regards to activating a new line where the connection method is eSIM.
  • eSIM SIM Swap
  1. Existing Vodacom customers:
    1. When opting for an eSIM (as a result of a SIM swap of an add on line), the eSIM terms and conditions do not replace any other terms and conditions, agreements or contracts that exist between the customer and Vodacom.
    2. Vodacom post-paid and top-up (including Vodacom Business) customers will follow existing processes when doing a SIM Swap where the connection method is eSIM.
    3. For Vodacom Business customers:
      • Sim swap and activations can be requested via an account manager, Managed Service Desk, 1940 and Business in Retail stores
      • The request will need to be accompanied with a company letterhead, if required, as per the current physical/plastic sim process
    4. eSIM Swap refers to
      1. Physical/Plastic SIM to eSIM
      2. eSIM to Plastic SIM
      3. eSIM to eSIM (as a result of a device change/upgrade)
    5. When swapping to an eSIM, customers need to take into account the following points:
      1. The cell phone number that is being swapped will need to be active on the network at the time of requesting the SIM Swap and able to receive SMS.
      2. The store /contact centre agent will follow a validation process prior to initiating the SIM swap request (as part of the current process).
      3. When swapping to an eSIM (i.e. request submitted), an SMS message will be sent to the customer containing a confirmation code/one time pin (OTP) of which customers will need when scanning the eSIM QR code.
        • The confirmation code will not be sent to any other cell phone number.
        • For security reasons, Vodacom store/contact centre agents do not have a view of this confirmation/OTP and customers must not share it once received.
        • Upon receiving your confirmation code, do not use it until prompted to do so
      4. To complete the SIM swap:
        1. Prepaid customer: You will use the QR code that would have been provided when you purchase the eSIM for the purpose of SIM swapping – customers are urged to only use approved QR scanners for safety reasons
        2. Post-paid & Top-up:
          • An email containing the QR code to be used for the SIM Swap will be sent to the account linked email address.
          • Should the email address require to be changed, you will need to follow an in-store change of details process.
          • The email containing the QR code to be used for the SIM Swap will not be sent to any other email address.
        3. The completion of a SIM swap request takes between two to four hours due to safety reasons.
        4. Only scan the eSIM QR code after the device has lost network connectivity (i.e. SIM swap completed), the customer will be prompted to enter the confirmation code that was sent via SMS earlier. Scanning the QR code immediately after receiving it and the SIM swap has not completed on Vodacom systems:
          1. Will not expedite the SIM swap process.
          2. Will result in an error
        5. When upgrading a device, customers will need to complete the upgrade process prior to SIM swapping to an eSIM.
        6. When porting in from another network provider, customers will need to complete the port in process prior to SIM swapping to eSIM.
        7. In a case where customers are using an eSIM in devices and the smartphone is damaged or lost/stolen:
          1. Customers will be required to do a double sim swaps
          2. Double SIM Swap means:
            • eSIM to Physical/plastic SIM
            • Physical/plastic to eSIM
          3. The loss, theft or damage of a sim card needs to be reported to South African Police Service within a reasonable time after having reasonably become aware of the loss, theft or destruction and obtain written proof in the prescribed form, that the report has been made with the official reference number of the report
          4. When doing a double SIM, customers will be billed for each individual SIM Swap event.
        8. Customers will not be allowed to SIM swap to an eSIM if the cell phone number is not connected to the network.
  • Post eSIM Activation
  1. To download the Vodacom eSIM to a device
    1. Ensure that the device native app is used when scanning the eSIM QR code.
    2. Don’t download the eSIM during load shedding as it can fail due to low network connectivity
    3. To download the eSIM, the phone device (smartphone) is to be connected to the internet through either Wi-Fi or a mobile network.
    4. When using mobile network to download, ensure that the line has airtime or a positive data balance.
    5. As the eSIM user will be responsible to change the default pin code on your eSIM.
  2. Customers can use a Vodacom or another operator’s plastic/physical SIM with the Vodacom eSIM
  3. Another operator’s eSIM can be used with a Vodacom eSIM
  4. A Vodacom plastic/physical SIM can be used with the new eSIM
  5. Only one eSIM can be active or switched on
  6. The eSIM device will work as designed by the device manufacturer, however should the customer have multiple eSIMs on the device, please note:
    1. The device will connect to one bearer type (Voice/SMS/Data) per SIM connection (i.e. plastic SIM/eSIM), where the one line (eSIM/plastic) can be on voice connection whilst the other line(s) is on a data connection.
    2. As a user you can toggle between the different SIM types (plastic or eSIM) whilst also toggling between different bearer types, i.e. SMS, Data and Voice