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Weekly And Fortnightly Data Bundles

Terms And Conditions

  1. Once-Off bundles will be available to Prepaid and Top Up customers.

  2. Recurring bundles will only be available to Prepaid customers.

  3. Customers need to have a valid Vodacom SIM card to purchase a weekly or fortnightly data bundle.

  4. The data bundles are allocated in full with no pro-ration.

  5. Weekly and fortnightly bundles are available as both once-off and recurring bundles.

  6. Weekly bundles are valid for 7 days, including the day of purchase, up to 23:59.

  7. Fortnightly data bundles are valid for 14 days, including the day of purchase, up to 23:59.

  8. Night Owl allocation for these bundles are per current Night Owl rules.

  9. Night Owl bundles can only be used between 24:00 -05:00.

  10. Customers can purchase multiple once-off weekly or fortnightly data bundles

  11. Customers can only have one recurring weekly or fortnightly bundle of the same type active at a time i.e. a recurring Data and another recurring Data bundle is not allowed, a recurring data and a recurring voice bundle is allowed.

  12. You can extend the Validity Period of the Bundles you initially purchased (the "Initial Bundles") by purchasing additional Bundles of the same size (the "Additional Bundles") before the Initial Bundle have expired. The purchase of the Additional Bundles will result in the Validity Period being extended and calculated for the date that you purchased the Additional Bundles. 

  13. All weekly and fortnightly data bundle pricing is inclusive of VAT.

  14. Customers will be billed for recurring data bundles as follows:

    • Prepaid customers: Cost of Once-Off and recurring bundles will be deducted from airtime.

    • Hybrid: Cost of Once-Off bundles deducted from airtime. The price of recurring bundles added to bill.

  15. Where insufficient funds are detected for recurring data bundles purchasing, existing BR will apply.

  16. Daily bundles can be purchased through these sales channels:

    • My Phone *135#

    • Online (Portal, Mobi & App)

    • Customer Care

  17. Data does not apply to International Roaming, roaming rates will apply for data used while abroad.

  18. Vodacom is permitted to amend or alter these terms and conditions from time to time. To this extent Vodacom will provide you with reasonable notice of any material changes

  19. If your Bundle is depleted and there is no other applicable data bundle remaining, all data usage will be stopped by default or you will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if you have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges.

  20. If a Bundle reaches the Validity Date and expires before the Bundle is depleted, data usage will continue at the Out of Bundle rate, applicable to the tariff.

  21. Data transfer will apply, whereby you have the ability to transfer the bundle to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details: https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/data-bundle-transfer-terms-and-conditions