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VIU Data Bundles

Terms and Conditions

  1. The VIU Data Bundle offer provides you with data to stream or to sync and/or to access the VIU application and VIU service on https://www.viu.com/ (“URL”) when you subscribe to the VIU service (“the Service”). By taking the Service when you subscribe to the VIU service (new subscription). Existing customers will need to cancel their existing subscription and re-subscribe to Service with this proposition By taking the Service you agree to these terms and conditions.
  1. VIU Data Bundle with subscription will be available to customers by dialling *135# or using direct string
  2. The Service will be available to you as part of a subscription service to the VIU product valid for 1 day or 30 days (“subscription period”). You are electing to use the Service on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis (the “Recurring Service”) in which instance you will be able to cancel the Service at any time before the expiry of the current month of you using the Service. To deactivate the recurring bundle, customers need to call the customer call centre by dialling 082 135, via USSD by dialing *135# or via My Vodacom App
  1. When opting in or activating the Service the bundle is added as part of the respective price plan and the full amount is charged to bill.
  1. The Service is available to all new and existing Prepaid, Hybrid (Top-up) customers and Postpaid. 
  1. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate or change the Service at any time and for whatsoever reason provided the on-going subscription period for the Service will not be affected. Vodacom further reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and without notice to you. You have the responsibility to at all times familiarise yourself with the amended Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Service is available for use in all compatible smartphone devices, laptops and tablets.
  1. During the subscription period you will be able to stream or get access the VIU Application and/or URL using the VIU Data Bundle assigned to you.
  1. The Service provides you with full access to all the VIU Applications and/or URL.
  1. The VIU application specifically excludes any service that involves video or voice calling including but not limited to voice and video calling on WhatsApp and Facebook or any other with similar functionality. 
  2. You may only use the Service for personal use. You may not use the Service for commercial purposes nor may you use it to set up as a personal hotspot. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the Service if in the opinion of Vodacom, you misuse or abuse the Service in any way whatsoever. 
  1. Once the Service is depleted and you wish to continue using any of the VIU application, you shall do so using your existing data bundle as per your existing data tariff plan. 
  1. The cost and allocated data bundle for the Service is as follows:

VIU Subscription Plus Data



VIU Data Bundle







  1. Any existing in-bundle usage and any other loaded data in your account will not be consumed until the Service is depleted or expires.
  1. You can check your bundle balance for the Service by dialling *135#, and choosing option 1 – balances or via My Vodacom App.
  1. The terms and conditions and subscription process required for VIU shall at all times be applicable and shall constitute an agreement between you and the service provider (“PCCW Vuclip (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.”) of the VIU service. Vodacom shall not be liable for any unavailability, faults glitches, bugs or technical issues with the VIU application and/or URL. Furthermore, Vodacom shall not be held liable for any damages or loss howsoever arising that you may suffer as a result of you using the VIU application and/or URL.
  1. No VIU Data pro-ration will occur.
  1. For more information on the terms and conditions relating to the VIU application and URL, and their recurring monthly subscription fees, please visit the following links: VIU: https://www.viu.com/ott/za/en/all/terms
  2. If you use the applications outside of the premise of the Service, you will be charged as per your existing tariff plan.  If you follow a link outside the VIU application and/or URL, normal data rates will apply as per your existing tariff plan.
  3. The VIU Data Bundle depletion will not occur for any banner advertising or in-stream advertising that may be present within the Service.
  1. The VIU applications and/or URL may contain third party advertisements, content, materials, and/or links to third party services and / or websites that are not owned or controlled by Vodacom. Vodacom assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party websites or applications. In addition, Vodacom does not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third party website. When you visit third party websites, Vodacom encourages you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the other websites. By using the Service, you expressly release Vodacom from all liability arising from your use of any third party website or as a result of any third party services.
  1. You cannot use the Services when you are roaming. Whilst roaming the use of the VIU application and/or URL will be charged at your existing tariff plan.
  1. If you do a price plan migration, whilst using you have an existing active Service, such Service shall be carried over to the new price plan.
  1. If you do a price plan upgrade, you will be able to add the Service to your upgraded price plan.
  1. In the event that any of your user data is collected whilst using Service, the user data will be stored for as long as Vodacom is legally required to and in accordance with Vodacom's Privacy Statement. If there is no legal requirement, the collected information will only be stored for as long as it is needed for Vodacom to be able to provide the Service and has a legitimate interest in processing such user data.
  1. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate the Service immediately and without notice to you in the event that the Service is held to be or becomes unlawful in terms of applicable laws. In such event you hereby waive any rights which you may have against Vodacom and acknowledge that you will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against Vodacom.
  1. In the event of a dispute concerning any aspect of the Service and/or these Terms and Conditions, Vodacom's decision will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into. At no point shall Vodacom be liable for any claims, of whatsoever nature, arising from your use of the VIU application and/or URL.
  1. Vodacom makes no warranties, expressed or otherwise through its employees or agents unless such warranties are reduced into writing and contained in these Terms and Conditions.