Terms and Conditions for Free Data bundles included as part of a deal

  1. The SP incentive data bundles will only be available on selected Postpaid and Top Up price plans according to the deals created and can be free or chargeable depending on the deal. Please see your contract terms and conditions

  2. Subscribers cannot opt-out of the SP incentive data bundle for the duration of the contract term. Activation of the recurring SP incentive bundle is conditional to a customer taking out selected price plans for a term of 24 months; or until the customer upgrades their contract; or until the customer cancels their contract. Existing contract cancellation rules will apply.

  3. The SP incentive data bundles will not be allocated Night Owl.

  4. SP incentive data bundles will not be available for purchase via additional sales channels. 

  5. The SP incentive data bundles are not available for purchase during a custome's contract period. They are only available for new and upgrade customers.

  6. All SP incentive bundles are valid for a calendar month, up to 23:59  on the last day of the respective month

  7. If the SP incentive data bundle allocation term is longer than 1 month, the data will be pro-rated for the first month post activation according to the date of activation i.e. if allocated on the 15th of the month, and allocation will be according to the remaining balance of the month of allocation. 

  8. If a customer takes up a 1 month the SP incentive data bundle during the month, the customer will receive a complimentary prorated allocation upon initial activation, and the full bundle will be allocated in the beginning of the following calendar month. Terms 6 applies for the pro-rated amount and for the validity in the new calendar month.

  9. If the bundle allocation of the SP incentive data bundle is depleted and there are no additional internet bundles available, the applicable out-of-bundle rate determined by the subscriber plan will apply.

  10. In the event that you migrate from a Price Plan which includes free, discounted or bundled offers services such as the SP incentive data bundle, to any other Price Plan which does not include any free, discounted or bundled services, then you may forfeit all or a portion of such services or lose all such free or discounted benefits and may be required to pay in full for such service on the new price plan.

  11. The full contract inclusive of the SP incentive data bundle can be cancelled at any time but will be subject to penalty fees calculated on the monthly subscription fee, and/or the cost of the device taken at deal level for the duration of the contract period. Duration will take into account the month of contract plus the remaining months to reach a total of 24 months.

  12. Data bundles will be depleted as per the last in first out principle i.e. the last bundle that was purchased will be depleted first.

  13. Usage notifications for Vodacom Data will follow existing rules for Vodacom Data bundles and contracts (70 %, 80,% 90 % and 100 % depletion of Vodacom Data Bundle)

  14. Data bundle balances enquires can be obtained through existing channels

    1.  MyPhone - *135#

    2. MyVodacom App

    3. SMS i.e. send MM to 31050

    4. Customer Care : 082 135

    5. In store at any Vodacom approved outlet.