RT15 Adhoc Discounted Bundles

Terms and Conditions

  1. Hybrid and Post-paid customers will be able to purchase any number of RT15 ad hoc discounted bundles at a time, subject to their account credit or bank card limit.

  2. Your purchase will need to be of a minimum value of R6.

  3. The RT15 adhoc discounted bundles can be purchased via the credit card for both Post-paid and Hybrid customers.

  4. Your bundle purchase will not be subject to pro-rating.

  5. You will be able to purchase any number of RT15 adhoc discounted bundles even when a recurring bundle is active.

  6. Any bank charges incurred during the unsuccessful attempt to deduct funds from the bank card will be for your account and you will be liable for payment.

  7. There is no additional service fees from Vodacom but your applicable bank will charge the relevant bank charges/card transactions fees for normal card purchases.

  8. The RT15 adhoc discounted bundles are valid for a period of up to 30 calendar days from the date that you made the purchase (the "Validity Period").

  9. You can extend the Validity Period of the Bundles you initially purchased (the "Initial Bundles") by purchasing additional Bundles of the same size (the "Additional Bundles") before the Initial Bundle have expired. The purchase of the Additional Bundles will result in the Validity Period being extended and calculated from the date that you purchased the Additional Bundles. Any unused data from this bundle upon expiry will be rolled over, free of charge for the next 30.

  10. If you already have an active bundle, the oldest bundle will be depleted first.

  11. You will not be able to cancel your RT15 adhoc discounted bundle purchase on My Vodacom App.

    1. In order to cancel the RT15 adhoc discounted bundle, call 082 1940 or the Account Manager.

    2. You will be asked a few questions in order to verify you are the account or cardholder.

  12. The customer will not be allowed to cancel if the RT15 adhoc discounted bundle has been used.