Recurring Data Bundles

The following terms and conditions apply to any recurring Data Bundles.

  1. You may only purchase and use the Recurring Mobile Internet data bundles ("Recurring Bundles") if you are a Contract, Top Up or Prepay customer.

  2. You can only purchase Recurring Bundles if you are a Contract or Top Up Mobile Broad Band data contract customer.

  3. You may purchase the Recurring Bundles through the following self-service channels; 

    • Self-Service Channels

    • MyPhone *135#      

    • MyVodacom App

    • &      

    • Customer Care 082135

    • Vodacom Shops

  4. You may activate and deactivate the Recurring Bundles at any time. 

  5. Recurring Bundles are valid for a period of 60 (sixty) days after the date of activation. 

  6. If you activate new Recurring Bundles in the middle of a calendar month, the data will be pro-rated for the remainder of that month; thereafter the full data allocation of the Recurring Bundles will be allocated on the 1st day of every subsequent calendar month.

  7. If you activate new Recurring Bundles in the middle of a calendar month (the "Additional Bundles"), and there is an existing and active Recurring Bundles in your account (the "Initial Bundles") , the Additional Bundles will only take effect on the 1st day of the next calendar month.

  8. Recurring Bundles will follow the First In First Out order of consumption. In the case of a Recurring Bundles being active on an integrated price plan, such as uChoose Smart, Smart or RED; the offer default data bundle that forms part of the price plan will be consumed first before any other data bundles. 

  9. You can only have one active Recurring Bundles at a time. 

  10. If your Bundle is depleted and there is no other applicable data bundle remaining, all data usage will be stopped by default or you will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if you have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges.

  11. Recurring Mobile Internet data bundles will be allocated for free Night Owl Data* on Contract price plans only (Talk, Business, Smart and RED). *

    • Night Owl data bundles can only be used between midnight 00:00 and 5:00am on any day of the week 

  12. As a customer with an active Recurring Bundles, you will be able to purchase unlimited Once-Off Mobile Internet data bundles.

  13. Recurring Bundles tariffs do not apply to data roaming.

  14. Vodacom may amend Recurring Mobile Internet bundle prices by providing you with reasonable notice prior to any price increase.

  15. Data transfer will apply, whereby you have the ability to transfer the bundle to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details: