Once-Off Wi-Fi Bundles

  1. Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles will be available to Contract and Top Up customers on Integrated, Talk, Business or uChoose price plans as well as Prepaid price plans. Contract price plans will have the associated charge of the Once-Off Wi-Fi bundle added to their monthly Vodacom bill. Top Up, uChoose and Prepaid customers will have the associated charge of the Once-Off Wi-Fi bundle deducted from their airtime balance.

  2.  A Vodacom username and password will be required to log into the AlwaysOn or WirelessG/ G-Connect hotspot in order to use the Wi-Fi bundle. A username and password can be aquired by registering on the Vodacom website, mobile site or by utilising the My Vodacom App with the cellular number that the Wi-Fi bundle has been alocated or is active on. Vodacom needs to be selected from the drop down list of serviceproviders on the landing page, the username and password can then be used to log in. The username, which is a cellphone number, must be the cellphone number that the Wi-Fi bundle ihas been purchased and/or is active on. Wi-Fi bundles can only be used in the afore mentioned hotspots using a Wi-Fi capable device Note: this excludes 3G/LTE routers.

    Wi-Fi Once-Off Bundles:

    Payment Type Bundle Size Bundle Price     In Bundle Rate per MB
    Contract, Top Up, uChoose and Prepaid 100MB R19 19c
    250MB R29 12c
    500MB R50 10c
    2GB R141     7c
  3. Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles do not have an Out Of Bundle Rate and a new bundle will need to be purchased upon depletion or expiry to continue using Wi-Fi in a WirelessG/G-Connect or Always On hotspot.

  4. Customers can purchase unlimited Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles.

  5. The Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles will be available through the following self-service channels;

    Self-Service Channels
    MyPhone *135#
    Vodacom.co.za & Vodacom.mobi
    MyVodacom App
    Customer Care 082135
    Vodacom Shops
  6. All Once-Off Wi-Fi pricing includes VAT.

  7. Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time you spend connected.

  8. Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles are valid up to 24:00 on the 30th day from and including the day of purchase.

  9. Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles will follow the First In First Out order of consumption, the last bundle to be purchased and/or activated will be the last to be consumed, followed by any other active bundle/s in chronological order.

  10. There is no order of consumption between Vodacom data bundles and Wi-Fi bundles as this is dependant on the WAN (Wide Area Network) the customer selects i.e. 3G/LTE on the Vodacom WAN, or Wi-Fi on the G-Connect/AlwaysOn Wi-Fi WAN. This is a device setting configurable by the customer.

  11. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on Wi-Fi network availability.

  12. Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles do not apply to Wi-Fi roaming.

  13. Night Owl double data Data does not get allocated to Once-Off Wi-Fi bundles.

  14. No pro-ration purchase of a Once-Off Mobile Wi-Fi bundle.