Standard Monthly Once-Off Data Bundles

 Terms and Conditions

1.       The monthly once-off data bundles are available to Prepaid and Hybrid customers only

2.       The monthly once-off data bundles are available through the following self-service channels:

·         Vodacom Shops

·         Financial Institutions

3.       Customers can purchase multiple monthly once-off data bundles

4.       All pricing of monthly data bundles includes VAT

5.       Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time they  spend connected.

6.       Monthly once-off data bundles are valid up to 23:59 on the 30th day from and including the day of purchase

7.       Customers can extend the validity of their monthly once-off data bundle by purchasing another monthly once-off bundle of the same size before the initial bundle has expired. This will extend the validity of the initial bundle to that of the second bundle that was purchased.

8.       Once a monthly once-off data bundle is depleted and there is no other applicable data bundle remaining all data usage will be stopped by default. Customers will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if they have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges. If a monthly once-off data bundle expires before the allocation is depleted, data usage will continue at 49c/MB.

9.       Monthly once-off data bundles can be transferred to applicable Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details.

10.   Monthly once-off data bundles will utilised after bundles that were bought before it are depleted. Please note that in the instance that shorter validity bundles are bought after the monthly once-off data bundles Vodacom may allow these bundles to be depleted first, depending on which bundle expires first.

11.   Monthly Once-Off data bundles do not apply to data roaming.

12.   No pro-ration is applied, the full allocation is always received and the full charge is always applied.

13.   There will be no Night Owl data allocation on the monthly promo data bundles.

14.   Customers can view the balance of their monthly once-off data bundles on the following channels:

·         USSD (*135)

·         Online (MyVodacom App & Portal)

·         Customer Care (082 135)

15.   The following prices are applicable for the monthly data bundles:

Bundle SizePriceIn-bundle 
rates per MB
Out of bundle 
rates per MB
15MBR          10R                                0.67R                                         0.49
30MBR          12R                               0.40R                                         0.49
55MBR          25R                               0.45R                                         0.49
100MBR          29R                               0.29R                                         0.49
250MBR          63R                               0.25R                                         0.49
500MBR        100R                                0.20R                                         0.49
1GBR        149R                                0.15R                                         0.49
2GBR        249R                                0.12R                                         0.49
3GBR        299R                                0.10R                                         0.49
5GBR        405R                                0.08R                                         0.49
10GBR        475R                                0.06R                                         0.49
20GBR       700R                                0.05R                                         0.49


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