Customer Permissions Management

  1. The following terms and conditions relate to the Customer Permissions Management (CPM) and do not replace any other terms and conditions, agreements or contracts which exist between the customer and Vodacom and their Service Providers. By using this service, you accept these terms and conditions. Vodacom reserves the right to expand or modify theses terms and conditions. Where any such change is material, Vodacom will provide the customer with prior written notice prior to implementing such a change or modification.
  2. CPM is to assist a customer with controlling their marketing communications, permissions and preferences in one central platform and does not include the management of any other notifications/communications, for example: Network Notifications.
  3. CPM allows a Vodacom customer to select and set their preferred marketing communications in a refined manner in which the customer can select communications that are applicable to their needs. CPM is available to all Vodacom customers.
  4. Existing customers have the ability to opt in or opt out of 'all' marketing material. 
  5. Customers that are opted in to specific preferences and permissions will be sent marketing communications, however, customers that are opted out will not receive marketing communications. 
  6. Vodacom will only send marketing material to customers that have agreed to receiving the material and have opted in via CPM. 

  7. Customers have the ability to access CPM via the self-help channels which are: My Vodacom App, Online and USSD. The customer can also call Customer Care or visit a Retail Store to get assistance or update their preferred CPM Settings.

  8. Existing Customers will remain on the preferred marketing settings however customers do have the ability to update settings as and when needed.

  9. For new customers, the customer will be prompted to allow Vodacom to send marketing material to the specific subscriber. 

  10. A customer sets the permissions for which they allow Vodacom to send marketing communication on or about. Only the material on the set permissions will be received by the customer.

  11. The currently defined permissions are; Personal Recommendations, Promotions, Rewards, Surveys, and 3rd Party Marketing. These categories of permissions may change from time to time.

  12. If the customer is opted out by having not selected any channels under preferences (communication channels) or any categories under permissions, the customer will receive no marketing messages.

  13. If the customer is opted in by having selected a communication channel or multiple channels for a particular permission, then the customer will receive marketing communication via the channels selected. 

  14. For all customers, upon accessing CPM for the first time, where CPM does not have the Date of Birth to determine whether they are an adult or a minor through self-certification, the customer will be prompted to provide the information to enable the system to make the determination.

  15. A minor is not allowed to access the CPM or make any changes. The defined age for a minor is anyone younger than 18 years old.

  16. For customers that have opted in to get marketing communication via email and haven't provided a different email address from the eBill e-mail address, the eBill email address will be used as the default for CPM purposes.

  17. When the customer changes the CPM marketing email on CPM via any Online Platforms, i.e. Online or the Vodacom APP, Vodacom will send an email verification to the new email address to finalise the email change. If a customer doesn't verify this email address within 48 hours, the new address won't be updated. It will default to the eBill email address. After the email verification and the email address has been updated, a customer will receive an SMS communication confirming the change and whether the change has been made by them or not. 

  18. For the CPM changes that the Customer does on the Permissions and Preferences (communications channels), the customer will receive an SMS communication on specifying all the changes/selections made on CPM as a confirmation. 

  19. If a customer has already opted in to a campaign and later opts out there is a possibility that the customer would still receive marketing communications as they would still be included in the campaigns but will be removed from any further communications as per the CPM Settings selected.