Connected Home Terms and Conditions

Vodacom At Home : Prepaid -  Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers must have a valid Vodacom prepaid SIM card and a Vodacom At Home MSISDN ( cell phone number)  in order to qualify for Vodacom at Home services and products
  2. All Vodacom At Home prepaid customers are pre-provisioned with a 1 GB recurring bundle
  3. All Vodacom At Home prepaid customers will receive their first 1GB data allocation once the Vodacom At Home device and SIM  is activated
  4. Data bundle purchases cannot be refunded either partially or in full
  5. A customer migrating or porting  to a non-Vodacom at Home tariff will forfeit all data bundles  and  recurring bundle services
  6. The monthly recurring bundles will be allocated provided a customer has recharged their airtime account with the applicable amount
  7. Vodacom At Home prepaid customers cannot change their tariff to any other Vodacom prepaid tariff
  8. Vodacom At Home prepaid customer will have exclusive access to Vodacom at Home prepaid data bundles
  9. Vodacom At Home monthly  recurring bundles are valid for 30 days from date of allocation
  10. Vodacom At Home customers will be able to recharge their airtime accounts using any of the existing Vodacom recharge channels
  11. Only Vodacom At Home customers who register their alternative number will receive data usage notifications to their alternative number.
  12. Customers with insufficient funds in their airtime account will not be allocated a data bundle on the recurrence date
  13. Should a customer have insufficient funds to cover the recurring bundle cost on the recurrence date, Vodacom will continue to check the customer's account for sufficient funds. Once there is sufficient funds, the bundle cost will be deducted from the account and the date of the deduction will become the new billing and bundle recurrence date.