Conference call terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, The Vodacom Conference Calling bridge service, will hereafter be referred to as Vodacom Conference Call Advanced.

Vodacom Conference Call Advanced is defines as:

Vodacom Conference Call Advanced is a service which provides users with a tool to set up a multi-party conference call by dialling the dedicated conference calling number on 0862 800 800.

Each caller that participates in the conference call pays for their own leg of the call.

The following will serve as Terms and Conditions associated with these services.

Vodacom Conference Call Advanced

  1. The service will be available to all Vodacom Customers excluding Community Services, USAL and Management SIM cards.

  2. Conference calls are allowed while roaming, depending on the roaming partner network.

  3. The Conference Call Advanced bridge number will be accessible from international destinations, depending if the caller has international voice dialing active and the roaming partner network.

  4. The Conference calls bridge number will be accessible to Off Net (non-Vodacom) Customers

  5. No subscription or activation fee is required.

  6. Conference Calls are charged as individual calls in accordance with the user's Price Plan

  7. For Vodacom mobile customers available in-bundle minutes will be used and thereafter the out-of-bundle on-net rates will apply depending on the prevailing price plan of the user.

  8. For Vodacom mobile customers the conference reservation by SMS: request and response SMS's will both be zero-rated

  9. Non-Vodacom Customers will be charged as per their prevailing price plan with the off-net operator.

  10. Non Vodacom Customers will pay the associated SMS Mobile Termination rate of their price plan as charged by their network operator for using the conference reservation request SMS functionality.

  11. Response SMS notifications will be zero-rated for all non-Vodacom Customers.

  12. The Conference Calling service is only accessible via the dedicated conference calling bridge number.

  13. The conference call service is only available for voice calls.

  14. The maximum amount of callers per conference call is 25 persons.

  15. The Vodacom conference calling bridge facility will be available 24hours.

  16. Vodacom reserves the right to make changes to this product offering

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