VodaLend Voucher Advance Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    • The VodaLend Voucher Advance product (the “Vouchers”) is provided by Vodacom Payment Services (Pty) Ltd (“VPS”) in conjunction with an appointed third-party service provider (Nairtime South Africa (Pty) Ltd).
    • Any reference to “VPS Approved Platform” shall mean any website, application or contact point used by VPS in the facilitation of purchase of the Vouchers.
    • These terms and conditions the (“Voucher Terms and Conditions”) relating to the Vouchers are incorporated by reference to the applicable VPS Approved Platform terms and conditions that appear on such VPS Approved Platforms (the “VPS Approved Platform Terms and Conditions”).
    • All capitalised terms not defined herein shall have the meaning given in the VPS Approved Platform Terms and Conditions.
    • These Voucher Terms and Conditions are to regulate the relationship between you and VPS for the facilitation of the sale of Vouchers on a VPS Approved Platform (the “Service”).
    • By using the Service, you agree to the Voucher Terms and Conditions. Please read these Voucher Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them before using the Service.
    • VPS has the right to change or modify these Voucher Terms and Conditions at any time with the method of notice as determined by VPS from time to time.
  2. Eligibility to use the Service

The Service is available to you if you:

  • are a Vodacom network prepaid, postpaid, uChoose or Top Up customer; and
  • you meet the eligibility requirements for this particular Service as set out in these Voucher Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Vouchers 
    • You may purchase Vouchers on any of the applicable VPS Approved Platforms.
    • All Vouchers shall be available to you for purchase in denominations and values as may be set by us and displayed on the VPS Approved Platforms from time to time.
    • Each of the Vouchers will contain terms and conditions relating to that specific Voucher (Specific Voucher Conditions”). This may include but not limited to the validity, use and redemption of the Voucher. The Specific Voucher Conditions may be set by the third-party supplier of the Voucher. You agree to be bound by Specific Voucher Conditions and acknowledge that VPS cannot be held liable for any loss that you may suffer as a result of your failure to comply with the Specific Voucher Conditions.
    • You acknowledge that the Specific Voucher Conditions constitute an agreement between you and the party that has supplied the Voucher and therefore it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with such Specific Voucher Conditions prior to purchasing the Service. Unless VPS is sited as the provider of the Voucher in the Specific Voucher Conditions, VPS cannot be held liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of using or being unable to use the Voucher. You may contact VPS for any queries relating to the redemption of a Voucher however, in the event that a query cannot be dealt with by VPS, you may contact the relevant Voucher provider directly as set out in the Specific Voucher Conditions.
    • You hereby acknowledge that you must be at least 18 years of age to use the Service.
  2. Upfront Sales
    • The “Buy Now” service is available to all Vodacom subscribers, and customers subscribed to other networks.
    • You can choose the “Buy Now” option to purchase a Voucher on the VPS Approved Platform. This means that the payment for the Voucher is due and payable to VPS immediately upon purchase and before you may redeem the Voucher. You will then be required to pay the full value of the Voucher indicated on the VPS Approved Platform (the “Purchase Price”) upfront prior to being able to use or redeem the Voucher.
    • You hereby authorise VPS (or any of its authorised agents and/or collection providers) to collect the Purchase Price from your bank account, Wallet and any other payment method you may indicate on the VPS Approved Platform to pay for the Voucher (the “Payment Method”).
  3. Sale on Advance
    • You can choose the “Voucher Advance” option to purchase a Voucher. This means that you can purchase and redeem a Voucher now but pay the Purchase Price at a later period.
    • In order to use this Voucher Advance option and in addition to the requirements set out in clause 2 of these Voucher Terms and Conditions, you must:
      • have been a customer on the Vodacom network for at least a continuous 12 month period immediately preceding your intention to use the Service; and
      • meet the scoring criteria set by VPS relating to the use and behaviour as a Vodacom network customer. VPS reserves the right to update and amend the aforementioned criteria without prior notice to you.  
    • Once you have successfully met the eligibility criteria set out in clause 2 above, you will be required to indicate the frequency and period upon which you will be able to pay for the Voucher (the “Repayment Period”).
    • VPS shall indicate to you the maximum value of the Voucher that you qualify for.
    • The Repayment Period shall be at intervals set out by VPS and selected by you. The Repayment Period may be between 3 to 14 calendar days after you purchase the Voucher, or such extended period as may be set out by VPS at its sole discretion from time to time.
    • You may make partial payments towards the Purchase Price before the expiry of the Repayment Period if VPS makes such an option available to you.
    • You are required to pay the full Purchase Price on or before the expiry of the Repayment Period you have selected.
    • There will be no extra charge on the Purchase Price when you use this Voucher Advance option and repay on or before the expiry of the Repayment Period.
    • It is important for you to note that the Purchase Price for a Voucher on this Sale on Advance option is immediately due for payment from the date that the Voucher is purchased.  However, in our sole discretion, we provide you the option to pay the Purchase Price on the expiry of the Repayment Period.
    • You hereby authorise us to collect the Purchase Price where applicable from the Payment Method that you have indicated on the VPS Approved Platform.
    • You may only purchase one Voucher using the Voucher Advance option at any given time. You may only purchase another Voucher using the Voucher Advance option once you have paid the Purchase Price for the preceding Voucher purchase in full.


  1. Payment Methods
    • You may elect to use any Payment Method available to you on the VPS Approved Platform to purchase the Vouchers.
    • You may not use a virtual card as a form of a Payment Method.
    • You may amend your Payment Method and any details referring to them at any time prior to paying the Purchase Price.
    • In the event that you update the details of your Payment Method and we are unable to collect the Purchase Price from the updated details, you acknowledge that we may collect based on the details you initially provided to us.
    • You acknowledge that in the event that you have more than one Payment Method on any of the VPS Approved Platforms and the Payment Method you have selected to pay for the Voucher during the Repayment Period is dishonoured for any reason, you hereby give VPS authority to collect from any other Payment Method that has available funds to satisfy your repayment obligation.
    • You warrant that the information relating to your Payment Method belong to you (or you are duly authorised to use them). You further warrant that the information you have provide is true and accurate. You will ensure that all Payment Method information is always kept up to date.
  2. Termination of the Service
    • You may contact us at any time in order to request for the Service to be deactivated/removed from your profile on all the VPS Approved Platforms.
    • Where you have requested for the Service to be deactivate/removed from your profile you will continue to be liable for the Purchase Price that are due and payable by you.
  3. Limitation of Liability

VPS shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury you may incur as a direct or indirect reason of:

  • your use and/ or redemption of the Vouchers;
  • you breaching the provisions of these Voucher Terms and Conditions; and

 your violation of the rights of any third party, including our third‑party service providers in relation to the Service.

 Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice applies to customers who take up the VodaLend Voucher Advance service. Unless context dictates otherwise, the Vodacom Privacy Statement shall also apply to interactions with you regarding any collection, use or other processing of personal information.

Personal Information Collected

    • Vodacom only collects personal information required to enter into an agreement for the VodaLend Voucher Advance service.

Uses and Sharing

    • Vodacom processes the information to provide you the VodaLend Voucher Advance service as per agreement and may use your information to provide you with information on related products or offer discounts on certain offerings;
    • Vodacom will use your personal information for purposes consistent with the reason Vodacom has collected it for;
    • Vodacom will share your information with our Supplier to conduct VodaLend Voucher Advance scoring. If you do not provide your consent to share the information, Vodacom will not be able to provide you with VodaLend Voucher Advance service;
    • Vodacom will require our third party Supplier/s to handle your personal information in accordance with our full privacy statement, as well as applicable privacy legislation.

Your Rights

    • You may access personal information that Vodacom holds about you. You may also ask us to correct any errors or delete your personal information held by us, under certain circumstances;
    • You may opt-out of any marketing messages or further contact from us;
    • To protect your privacy, Vodacom may have to verify your identity before Vodacom can give you access to, or change, personal information about you.

How to Contact Us

    1. If you need to: Change any of your details; or 
    2. If you need any other customer support, please call customer care on 082 135.