Vodacom RED Suite Competition Vodacom Bulls VURC Semi Finals

Terms and Conditions

Vodacom (Pty) Ltd (“Vodacom”) is running the Vodacom Red Suite Experience for the Vodacom Bulls VURC Semi Finals rugby match taking place on 15 June 2024  at Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria (the “Competition”) on Vodacom’s official social media and digital platforms and any third-party partner social media and digital platforms

These are the Standard Competition Terms and Conditions that apply to the Competition and comprise Part A (which contains the Competition-specific information) and Part B (which contains general terms and conditions that apply to all competitions). In the event of any conflict, the terms and conditions of Part B prevail.

By entering and/or participating in this Competition, entrants/participants opt into, agree, and consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (comprising Part A and Part B) stated below.

Part A: Competition-Specific Terms and Conditions

Competition Duration

  1. The Competition period/duration is from:
    • Start date: 09h00, Sunday, 9 June 2024
    • End date: 23h59, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Competition Prize/s

  1. The Competition Prize comprises of is: 2 (two) suite tickets per winner to attend the Vodacom Bulls VURC Semi Finals match 
    • Total number of Prizes: 10 (ten) winners in total which will be allocated 2 (two) suite tickets per winner  
    • Value of the Prize(s) (per Prize): R 3000 (three thousand rand) per person.
    • Prize inclusions: The Prize includes suite tickets, food and beverage in the suite, as determined by Vodacom, and any other gift(s) Vodacom may provide.
    • Prize exclusions: The Prize excludes any and all travel to attend the event and any other costs which may be incurred by the winner to attend the event that falls outside elements provided as part of the prize.


  1. The Competition is open to Vodacom Red customers, with an uninterrupted tenor with Vodacom of 24 (twenty four) months or longer who entered via Vodacom and/or other third-party social media and digital platforms, who completed the competition form, or other stipulated requirements for entry as specified for the Competition. 
  2. Eligible entries will be put into the draw and through the process of a randomiser (selected at random), the winner will be selected.
  3. Participants are allowed to enter multiple times

Prize Delivery

  1. The Prize delivery for this specific Competition is not applicable.
  2. The general provisions of Part B, in clauses 33 to 45 below, will apply.

Part B: General Competition Terms and Conditions

In addition to the Specific Competition Terms and Conditions outlined in Part A above, the following General Terms and Conditions apply to the Competition.


  1. The duration of the Competition (as stipulated in Part A above) may be extended, curtailed or cancelled at the discretion of Vodacom.


  1. Vodacom has the right to change the type and quantity of prize/s (described in Part A above) to determine the value of the Prize/s or to substitute it at their discretion.


  1. Only entries received during the Competition period (as stipulated in clause 1 in Part A above) will be eligible entries.
  2. The Competition is only open to natural persons. Entries received from business accounts held by legal persons (amongst other Corporates and SMEs, etc.) are excluded and not eligible to participate in the Competition.
  3. Any entrant/participant under the age of 18 shall present their parent/guardian’s written consent to enter the Competition at Vodacom’s request.
  4. Only entrants/participants who are using SIM cards that have been RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act) registered are eligible to win the Competition. Each owner of a SIM card(s) is responsible for complying with South African law by RICA registering their SIM cards.
  5. Unless otherwise stipulated, employees, directors and agents of Vodacom and all participating stores, their immediate families, life partners, business partners and associates, and any person directly involved with the sponsoring, devising, production, management, or marketing of this Competition are not eligible to participate in this Competition.
  6. Entrants/participants must reside in South Africa and be in possession of a valid South African identity document or permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit valid for a period exceeding 3 (three) months for the Republic of South Africa and valid for the Competition duration.
  7. Entrants/participants are only eligible if they have not won a Vodacom competition during 6 (six) months preceding this Competition. The 6 (six) months calculation will start from the date that Vodacom fulfilled the Prize in the preceding Competition.
  8. In the event that the user of the mobile phone (i.e., the entrant/participant in the Competition) is not the person that is responsible for payment of the participating mobile phone account/ charges, then the Prize will be awarded to the person that is responsible for payment of the participating mobile phone account/ charges.
  9. Vodacom customers who are not in good standing with Vodacom, or are involved in any legal process with Vodacom, or are in arrears with their accounts are not eligible for this Competition.

Valid Entry

  1. A Valid Entry must comply with the Competition requirements as stated or described, including as above or on the platforms (social media or other – as selected by Vodacom in its discretion), and which competition requirements may include prompts or instructions for participating in the Competition, (e.g., voting for something, selecting or identifying something or other stated requirement), and/or by completing any required entry forms.
  2. Qualifying entrants/participants must complete all the required information on the Competition entry form or platform, which can be found via Vodacom’s social media platforms during the period of this Competition.
  3. Responses directly or via direct messages on any social media platform will not be considered valid entries.
  4. Only correct answers or a correct sequence of answers will be accepted and eligible to be selected as a winner at Vodacom’s discretion.
  5. Unless otherwise stipulated in or required by the entry requirements, there are no additional charges for participating in the Competition. In respect of online entries, standard data costs may apply to uploading a valid entry online, as may be applicable. Standard data costs apply as per the user’s Service Provider and existing price plan for data usage and are subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions of that service.
  6. Vodacom shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the winners for entering the Competition or claiming any prizes. 
  7. Data transfer speeds are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability and utilisation.
  8. Vodacom (or its Agent) retains the right to determine, at its sole discretion, if entrants/participants meet the stipulated eligibility criteria, criteria for a valid entry, competition requirements, and may be eligible to win a prize based on the Competition requirements.
  9. Vodacom (or its Agent) is entitled to, in its sole discretion, disqualify any entrant/participant from the Competition for any reason and will not be obliged to notify entrants/participants of such disqualification.

Prize Draw and/or winner selection

  1. The winners of the Prize will be randomly selected from all eligible entries who meet all the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, and will be selected at Vodacom’s discretion.
  2. The verified winners will be notified within (2) two days after he/she has been selected and verified as a winner / within one (1) hour after being selected and verified as a winner.
  3. The decision of the judges (who draw the prizes or decide the winners, as appointed by Vodacom at its sole discretion) on any aspect of the Competition, including the award or allocation of the Prizes, will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

Winner Validation

  1. All the information provided or related to this Competition shall be managed, captured, and approved by Vodacom.
  2. Vodacom will share personal details of the respective winners, such as name and contact number, with a Vodacom-approved third-party agency, Openfield Marketing, who will notify the respective winners that they have won in the Competition, and by participating in the Competition, entrants/participants agree to and accept such disclosure as is necessary to effect Prize fulfilment.
  3. Vodacom and Openfield Marketing will use reasonable efforts to contact the winners via direct messaging on their social media profile, email, or telephonically as may be applicable on the contact details provided by the entrants/participants to participate in the Competition.
  4. Vodacom and Openfield Marketing shall attempt to contact the winners for a period of 2 (two) normal working weekdays after their names have been drawn and verified as winners. The winners will be contacted during normal working hours, between 8 (eight) in the morning and 5 (five) in the afternoon. Winners will be advised of arrangements in respect of Prizes at the time of contacting the selected winners.
  5. Should an entrant/participant not be available, or should Vodacom or its Agent be unable to reach that participant for any reason whatsoever, on the contact details provided during the timeframe stipulated above or of the Participant rejects, forfeit, or decline acceptance of the Prize, that person’s right to the Prize will be deemed to have been waived and forfeited. Vodacom reserves the right at is sole discretion to then award the Prize to the next randomly drawn entrant/participant.
  6. The claim for any Prize will be subject to security and validation, and Vodacom reserves the right to withhold any Prize until it is satisfied that the claim by a particular winner is valid. The selected winners must be able to identify themselves, in a manner determined by Vodacom, as the qualifying entrants/participants to the Competition and have to comply with the required validation procedure, determined by Vodacom, in order to claim any Prizes, failing which such winner will forfeit the Prize and the Prize will be awarded to the next selected qualifying entrant.
  7. Notwithstanding the fact that the Prizes vest in the winners immediately upon the determination of the results, in the event that the required information, documentation or verification from a particular winner has not been received at the agreed cut-off date communicated to the winner, or no effort is made on the part of any of the winners to make special arrangements to meet the deadline set by Vodacom, such Prize will be forfeited. Vodacom then reserves the right to award the Prize to the finalist that is next in line.
  8. The winners’ name and location may be displayed on www.vodacom.co.za/competition_winners after a period of 2 (two) working days subsequent.
  9. Vodacom shall request the winner’s/winners (as may be applicable) consent in writing to their image and/or likeness being used and published by Vodacom in connection with the Competition for a period of 12 (twelve) months after they have been announced as the winner. The winner may decline the use of their image and/or likeness by Vodacom.

Prize Delivery

  1. The following general conditions apply to the delivery of Prizes.
  2. Vodacom and/or its Agent will determine the mode of Prize delivery at its discretion.
  3. If the method of Prize delivery is identified in Part A above, the clause applicable to that method of delivery as detailed more fully below will apply:
  4. In the event of a Prize requiring physical delivery - delivery will take place via courier at dates, times and places arranged between Openfield and the winner(s). The winner must provide a correct address for delivery. Delivery may only be possible during weekdays (Monday – Friday) between 09h00 – 17h00, and not on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. If the winner is not home for courier or delivery, or the address cannot be found, the winner will be offered one more opportunity to provide an accessible address for delivery and to be available for such delivery; if delivery is still not possible or Vodacom’s Agent is unable for any reason whatsoever not to effect delivery, the Prize will be forfeited.
  5. In the event of a Prize requiring physical collection – Vodacom or Openfield Marketing will communicate the address and location where and hours when the Prize can be collected by the winner(s). Neither Vodacom nor Openfield shall be held liable should the winner(s) be unable to collect the Prize. Prize/s must be collected by the winner/s within 10 (ten) working/business days from the announcement and notification of the winners, failing which the Prize will be forfeited.
  6. In the event that a Prize can be sent electronically via email, a valid email address must be provided by the winner. If Vodacom or Openfield has sent the email containing the electronic Prize to the email address provided, delivery thereof will be deemed to have taken place. Neither Vodacom nor Openfield will be held liable if delivery to such an email address fails or if the winner is unable to retrieve the email or Prize as sent to such email.
  7. In the event of data and/or airtime Prizes, all data Prizes will be allocated to the winners within seven (7) working days after the competition days after the competition winner(s) have been confirmed and the winner(s) details have been confirmed, including the Vodacom MSISDN (cell phone number) that the data and/or airtime must be transferred to.
  8. In the event of a cash Prize, the cash Prize will be transferred via EFT (electronic funds transfer) to the winner within seven (7) working days after the competition winner(s) have been confirmed and the winner(s) banking details confirmed by receiving proof of banking details and identification to the satisfaction of Vodacom or its Agents in their sole discretion.
  9. In the event of a Prize being an award on the VodaPay App, the winner must download the App and register on the App. Vodacom can only transfer money into the VodaPay wallet if the the winner has downloaded the App and registered on it. The cash Prize will be transferred into the winner’s VodaPay wallet within seven (7) working days after confirmation by the winner of their VodaPay details. Should the winner fail to meet the criteria for a period of ten (10) working days, the Prize will be forfeited.
  10. Should Vodacom or Openfield not be able to fulfil their obligation in delivering the Prize(s) to the winner(s), for whatsoever reason, including due to lack of accurate information provided by the winner(s) or the winner(s) inability to receive the Prize, the Prize will be forfeited – which will be determined at Vodacom’s or its Agent’s sole discretion.
  11. In order to effect arrangements required for the Prize fulfilment in terms of this Competition, Vodacom will share personal details of the respective winners, such as name and surname, and contact number, with a Vodacom-approved third agency, Openfield Marketing, for distribution of the Prize items, and by participating in the Competition, entrants/participants agree to such disclosure as is necessary to effect Prize fulfilment.
  12. If a winner cannot accept a Prize for any reason whatsoever, or if Vodacom or Openfield are unable to deliver the Prize for whatsoever reason (including the reasons mentioned above), the Prize will be awarded to the next selected eligible entrant.
  13. All risks and ownership of the Prizes shall pass to the winners on transfer/delivery thereof, and all of Vodacom’s obligations regarding the Competition and Prizes shall terminate.

Prizes are not transferable and right of admission is reserved

  1. No Prize is transferable or exchangeable and may not be redeemed by, transferred, or given to another person.
  2. No Prize can be redeemed for cash and may not be sold.
  3. Vodacom will not transfer, allocate, or assign a Prize to someone else if requested by the winner.
  4. Where a Prize is for an event(s) and / or experience(s):
    • It is restricted to the winner(s) of the Prize only. No additional guests will be allowed to enter or have access to the event(s) and / or experience(s);
    • Right of Admission to the event(s) and experience(s) is reserved by Vodacom, its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience;
    • Vodacom (including its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience) reserves the right to have a winner (and their partner and / or guest) removed from an event at any time should the behaviour or language of such winner or guest, at the discretion of Vodacom (its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience), be considered to constitute harassment or be inappropriate, including behaviour or language that is discriminatory or hateful on grounds such as race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth; and
    • Vodacom (including its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience) reserves the right to remove any winners (and their partner and / or guest) from an event at any time should their behaviour be considered to be dangerous to themselves or any other person or contravening any applicable health and safety requirements.

Undertakings, limitation of liability and indemnification

  1. Event(s) and/or experience(s), to which the Competition Prize relates, may be hosted by third parties (for example, at sport stadia, theatres, convention or other centres owned by other entities). Winner(s) agree to comply with the rules and regulations applicable to events held at such premises upon entry, and as may be stipulated by the owners of such premises.
  2. Entry to any events, experiences, and venues in respect of which Vodacom may give away prizes as part of competitions on its platforms, are bound and regulated by specific event or venue-related rules and regulations, which may be determined by event or venue owners or relevant governing bodies. By participating in this competition, Competition Participants:
    • acknowledge and agree that they are bound by such event, experience, or venue rules upon entry to such premises, event or experience;
    • undertake to adhere to and comply with any and all reasonable event, experience, or venue rules and/or regulations; and
    • indemnify Vodacom, its agents, or employees from any liability associated with Competition participants/winners failure to adhere to such rules and regulations and any damages that occur as a result.
  3. Vodacom, its associated companies, partners, agents, contractors, sponsors, and personnel involved in or associated with the Competition, or a related event or experience shall not be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred or suffered (including but not limited to direct or indirect or consequential loss), death or personal injury suffered or sustained arising from either participation in the Competition, from claiming the Prize, or attending an event or experience forming part of the Prize.
  4. Vodacom (including its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience) is not liable for any technical failures affecting participation and/or Prize redemption process of the Competition. In addition, neither Vodacom nor its agents shall be responsible for any loss or misdirected entries, including entries that were not received due to any failure of hardware, software, or other computer or technical systems affecting participating in and/or the Prize redemption process of the Competition.
  5. Vodacom (including its Agent’s or Partners in respect of the event or experience) cannot and will not be held liable should it be impossible for it to deliver the Prize or to fully perform, execute or fulfil the Prize. Should the Prize be linked to a specific fixture, match, event or experience, and should that specific fixture, match, event, or experience be cancelled, interrupted, postponed, or otherwise affected by events or factors outside of Vodacom’s control or at Vodacom’s discretion, Vodacom cannot be held liable for the fulfilment of the Prize or be required to provide an equivalent or replacement Prize.
  6. Vodacom, its directors, employees, agents and distributors are not responsible for any misrepresentation (whether written or verbal) in respect of any Prize nor in respect of any warranties, guarantees or undertakings given by any person other than Vodacom itself.

Personal information and permission to receive marketing and promotional information

  1. User data collected via the Competition will not be used for any other purpose than for the execution of the Competition and/or for the sharing of related marketing and promotional information.
  2. User data collected via entry for this Competition will be stored for as long as it is legally required to and in accordance with Vodacom’s Privacy Policy, http://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/privacy-policy.
  3. By entering this Competition, entrants/participants give Vodacom permission to send them marketing or promotional information about Vodacom products, services and other Competitions, and consent to their name, contact number, and/or email address being shared with official Partner/s in the campaign to which the Competition relates, for marketing or promotional purposes.
  4. The entrant(s) will be given the option to opt out of receiving marketing or promotional information via the platform from which they receive such information.


  1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to, or must be understood to, unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations, as the case may be, created for either the entrant/participant or the promoter in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 (“CPA”).
  2. In the event of a dispute in regard to any aspect of the Competition and/or the Terms and Conditions, Vodacom’s decision will be final, and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. Vodacom may, at its discretion, refuse to award a Prize if entry procedures or these Terms and Conditions have not been adhered to or if it detects any irregularities or fraudulent practices.
  4. If Vodacom is required to alter or cancel any aspect of the Competition or to terminate it by law, as a result of changes in legislation, or for any reason whatsoever, it has the right to terminate the Competition, with immediate effect and without notice. In such event, all entrants/participants waive any rights they may have against Vodacom and its associated companies, agents, contractors, official Partners and/or sponsors.
  5. All information relating to the Competition which is published on any marketing material will form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict between such marketing material and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  6. The Competition is also subject to and must be read in conjunction with, Vodacom’s existing terms and conditions applicable to its website and mobile site, respectively: https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/website-terms-and-conditions